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In regard to the so called NDE experience being interpreted as a part of the “in-between process”, I wonder how the “life-review” part of the NDE would fit in there. Many NDE experiencers frequently describe watching a review of moments of their lives, when they get to experience those moments again, sometimes through someone else’s perspective, and then fully realize the results of their actions (but without any judgement from external agents). Do you think those descriptions could maybe match the moment when the “kamma math” works and points to the new birth, according to the result of that life-review?

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Hi Sujato I would be very interested in the reference of the Suttas you mention in connection with the relativity of time. Thanks, Stefano

It sounds like it, doesn’t it? I don’t know if there’s any particular moment though, more likely it’s a process that can unfold in many different ways.

The “life review” is anticipated in a parable from the suttas:

Thanks for the reply, Bhante.

Yes, it does sound like it, and the parable helps me visualize it very well.
I have to say I sometimes find myself fascinated by those stories. To me they’re such strong evidence, if not of kamma as seen by buddhism, at the very least of the existence of some kind of a Golden Rule in force in the universe, as well as the illusion of separateness.

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