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Hi Ajahn Sujato, you have mentioned in your talk that humans have searching mind. All my life I am desperately searching for something and I often ask my self what my mind is searching for. And only reasonable answer is as far as I feel is my mind looking for ever lasting happiness. So I am looking for Nirvana.
Does Buddha has mentioned what are we looking for?
With meta, Alona.

The Buddha spoke of the “noble search”.

This was his quest for what was not born, ageing and dying. If you look at how people live, I think it’s fair enough to say that most, perhaps all, of us have a sense of lacking, a sense of discontent. Perhaps this discontent is born of samsara: underneath, we know that the things we seek for will not bring us true happiness. So we seek and we seek, but we don’t know what we’re looking for, and we keep getting distracted by things that promise much and deliver little. Perhaps only the “noble search” has a real ending to it.


Dear Bhante, I’m confused…where is video 1,2,3 of Workshop 2? I can’t find them listed. sincerely, Mary Dumka

Dear Ajahn Sujato, thank you for your reply.
Your words described perfectly what is in my heart. That discontent you talking about are one of the reasons I am not looking forward to be reborn again. But getting to the pint were one is finished with rebirth seems is sooooo far away. Following Buddha teachings seems to be only the way to happiness and out of rebirth. Thank you again for given me and other people opportunity to explore teachings and ask questions.
With metta, Alona.

All the talks are there, under identical titles, except for the number. Search for them or just scroll down the main page.

Dear Bhante, I watched documentary on You Tube called " Yogis of Tibet ( 2002)-Full Movie". It has many long time meditation practitioners who share their experience of seeing their past lives.
I don’t know if you like that documentary but for me it was convincing. I don’t know how copy link to this website but typing name of the movie in You Tube search is enoughf to see it.
With metta, Alona.

To include youtube videos, just paste the URL into the post.

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