Would you sign up for curated daily sutta emails?

Would you sign up for curated daily sutta emails? I envision different series that could be chosen from. Im digging around to find a wordpress plugin that could do that but am coming up short.

So it got me wondering if people would even sign up for something like that. Or would people expect something like that to come from an app?


I would be interested if it was weekly or every two weeks. But it should be more than ‘just a random sutta’. Maybe with an introduction, a link to dhamma talk regarding this sutta, comparison with agama parallel etc.


Yes, I would!
I also subscribe to Lynn Kelly, who runs a blog, offering something similar…check her out.

Dhammapada verses 35 & 36 | The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople

What I like about her site … Short posts, a snippet of sutta, followed by an explanation, with concrete suggestions about how to apply the advice in lay life. Posts show up as emails once or twice a week.



Along these lines I would.


Sadhu for your intention !
Curated or automated daily random (or not) suttas every day : yes.
Especially in English (or French) from the Samyutta Nikaya or other short suttas.
I had been looking for that recently to feed the mind in a much more beneficial way than the news and refresh my Dhamma knowledge ! I only came up with Pariyatti Daily Words of the Buddha and Buddha Vacana on smartphone. I used to post sutta excerpts on yahoogroups 20 years ago.


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Thank you @Viveka. I am very impressed by both the beautiful technology and the content of Sutta Central and its forum.
Beautiful knowledgeable and serious pratictionners here !

Actually, do you think it would be possible to have this automated daily random sutta sent to our mailbox by Sutta Central ? My question should maybe go elsewhere however. I am not a computer scientist but I manage a wordpress website where it seems feasible.


This question can be better addressed by others :slight_smile: @snowbird

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Yes, just to clarify, this project is not connected at all to SuttaCentral.

This is connected to a project I am working on. Believe it or not, this doesn’t seem to be something that can be done easily through wordpress.


I don’t now how to make a Wordpress plugin and I don’t know PHP. But I use plugins

If you pick predetermined articles yourself and not randomly I think the existing plugins can already work without coding. Existing ones enable you to chose to publish an article (a sutta) at a certain time and send an email to subscribers. They can see the article in their email or choose to go to the website too.
It seems feasible but demands some time…

But of course database from Sutta Central would be more powerful : ideally we could choose any parts of the Tipitaka in any translation or language to be sent to us randomly or in numerical order at selected times. And even to complicate it further, it could be followed by a link to discussions. Let’s say "sn12.61 " Search results for '"sn12.61 "' - Discuss & Discover
Wow ! But that’s another (coding) story here.

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