You can now limit searches to complex collection names, e.g. in:pli-tv-bi-vb-np

Due to a small bug in the code, it was previously only possible to limit search results to collections that didn’t have hyphens in their ids. That meant that if you wanted to search a specific part of the Vinaya, it was impossible. Now if you just want to look in the Bhikkhuni Nissaggiya Pācittiya of the Theravada school for “bowls”, you can search for

in:pli-tv-bi-vb-np bowl

Or in the Therāpadāna:

in:tha-ap bowl

You can find the ids for these collections if you look at the url of whatever book you want to search in, e.g.

And in fact, all of these can be used with the in: filter since they are each just collections:

in:sutta bowls
in:minor bowls
in:kn bowls

Sādhu! This is a great improvement! Thanks so much for all your good work on this! :grinning:


Well, @HongDa is doing all the hard work. I just try and break things :grin:

I just noticed that we can even do this:

in:mn-mulapannasa blemish

Which is kind of neat.


Thanks, @HongDa! It’s great to see this international Dhamma team working together. We are leading by example!


Thanks @Snowbird, you helped a lot :pray:

@Brahmali :pray:


Excellent, thanks to both of you! :pray:

In my research, I’m often wanting to find out if I’ve made a note on something, so I search in Bilara, where there is a dedicated field for comments. I’m wondering if something like that would be a useful filter?

in:notes yūpa

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I proposed something like this here:

but was convinced it wasn’t a good idea, at least with my suggested implementation. We can reopen it or start from scratch with a new issue.

Currently in: is used to limit the entire search to specific collections (or groups of collections through shortcuts). The plan is to also extend this to shortcuts of languages so you would be able to do something like in:pali to indicated a group of Pali collections.

In my mind recycling the in: flag for notes would be confusing. But maybe not. You would need to be able to do something like in:dn in:notes breath.

Anyway, maybe we should talk about that in the github issue rather than in this anouncement thread.