Young people's voices

The results of a survey in 10 countries amongst 10 000 young people
aged 16 to 25 on their mental wellbeing are extremely disconcerting.
The survey, published in September by the University of Bath, can still
be downloaded. Please, take a look at the charts at the end of this paper.

The future is staring back at us.


I think the internet has really changed things for younger generations. People are able to discuss topics like climate change with others across the world.

I’ve heard social media being blamed for the massive increase in anxiety/depression among teens and young adults (50% increase in 10 years). But, other factors like climate change surely contribute their part.

depression rates


Thanks so much, that’s a really important study!

Here’s the thing. When I read the litany of issues:

they have little power to limit its harm, making them vulnerable to increased climate anxiety. Qualitative studies show climate anxiety is associated with perceptions of inadequate action by adults and governments, feelings of betrayal, abandonment and moral injury.

It sounds just like the scientists I’ve spoken to. Young people aren’t freaked because there is something wrong with them. It’s because they accurately perceive the reality, and are no longer comforted by platitudes.


Just gonna leave this here - the voice of ‘yoof’ spotted in the wild :eyes:


Whats depression? a metaphor or group of mixed feelings all at once when some can be separated by convincing the mind not to fool yourself with your mind in detail and overide what feelings you get from it … people make you depressed with corruption of antagonism of worming your mindset but we can all set that delusion away from our self by self training and know when to start n stop the interactions …

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Yeah, It’s very much related to the comment in the other thread about giving young people the vote. Until we give someone (black people, indigenous people, female people, young people…) rights, it’s hard to take their voice seriously.

This is why some call for giving the Earth herself legal rights. A fine idea, if you ask me.

Citation: Should Trees Have Standing: Toward Legal Rights for Natural Objects @ The Open Buddhist University


Now when will the old schooling keep up with the times ahead most countries have most knowledge about them selfves but others can be such a hypocrite out of cultural conversations that are made by fools :skull::+1:in poverty stricken families you can see bright people making that change and bring that out for the world to see in technology even without education their brain have structured a identity in themselves as not dreamers but illusionists of their dreams and ideals they come up with in maturity so hats off to the geniuses that work things on their own and find a better solution to all aspects in life to clean living clearer thoughts cleaner identities for better out comes in the future …buddha said :crazy_face::+1:


spot-on, Jenni Herd :slightly_smiling_face:

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Younger generations should be very much in favour of this if it becomes an actuality.


survived the 2008 financial crisis and saw pictures of war on tv.

What a beast, hope there’s no ptsd