A big list of Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis that give Dhamma Talks on Youtube

Is there something anywhere?

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A comprehensive list of bhikkhus giving talks on YouTube?

Not that I know of, but here’s a calendar of live talks online by bhikkhus and bhikkhunis that I put together back in April. (It’s a little out of date, for example, the 717 chants ceased in July.) Some are Zoom, some YouTube, some both.


Are you looking for just live talks or older recorded talks, too?

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Thanks, I am looking for both.

Maybe we can make a list together.
I know of Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Jayasaro, Ajahn Amaro, Venerable Sujato, Ajahn Brahmali, Ajahn Sona, Ajahn Sucitto, Ajahn Mettiko and Ajahn Cattamalo (mostly german), Bhikkhu Bodhi, Yutthadhammo Bhikkhu, Maybe more when I think about it longer.

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Here’s a suggestion:

On YouTube do searches for these terms to find videos by numerous Theravadan monastics:

  • Ajahn -Brahm
  • Bhante
  • Sayadaw
  • Bhikkhuni

(Edited to reflect an update, lol)


Thank you for the suggestion.

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I’m still in the initial exploratory stages of Buddhism, so I preemptively apologize if I’m referencing some opposition sect. Ven. Robina Courtin on YouTube was largely influential in me looking deeper, very approachable for a westerner with zero Dhamma knowledge.

edit: how can one not like a nun who quotes Buddha as saying “over to you baby”?

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@UpasakaMalavaro are you looking for suggestions to create a list for a specific purpose?

My experience with YouTube is that if you watch a few videos the algorithm will magically offer up a plethora of suggestions. There are literally tens of thousands of dhamma videos on YouTube… But more cat videos maybe.

Still, if you’re looking to broaden your horizons, that’s also good to do, and thanks @Charlotteannun and @Radius for those great suggestions.

Here’s a few more:
has lots of Bhante Sujato’s talks as well as many others.

Buddhist Insights
gives regular teachings (several times a week) and has hundreds of recent Sutta classes.

Ayya Thātāloka
has a good YouTube channel with lots of great talks

Samita ABSL
from Belgium has lots of videos from a wide range of teachers (in English)

Bhikkhu Jayasara has a regular online group and lots of older talks

Samaneri Jayasara
has amassed a HUGE following thanks to her peaceful and dulcet voice, reading texts from all the major Buddhist traditions and other spiritual traditions too

My own humble channel. (Flagrant self promotion! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Hope you enjoy these suggestions. The algorithm will give you more!


Thanks, I was mainly looking for myself to find new teachers of Dhamma Talks and for everyone interested in the same. I had the idea because the youtube algorithm didn’t suggest new Teachers but only more dhamma talks of the ones I already knew. Thank you for your post, it helps.


Thanks! Ajahn Sumedho is another good one to add. Like a number on your list, he’s a direct student of Ajahn Cha.

I’ve really been enjoying Ajahn Jayasaro’s talks recently, but he’s already on your list.


Not YouTube, but a good site of audio dhamma talks nevertheless is DharmaSeed. They have a treasure trove of older talks by many good Teachers which are difficult to find otherwise. Most of the newer talks by the very same teachers are on YouTube and also on Vimeo. :smiley:


I forgot about that. Great resource, and it lists the speakers alphabetically, including many monks and nuns.

Podbean is also a good resource that probably most of us are aware of that has all or most of the talks from BSWA (including Ven. Brahm, Brahmali, Sujato, etc.). For those who might not be familiar with it, BSWA’s Deeper Dhamma podcast focuses on talks about specific suttas, and the talks are also from a variety of monastics.


One monk I just found out about is Ajahn Pasanno.

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Is there a way to change the title? I did the mistake of not including Bhikkhunis, but of course I am looking for Bhikkhunis that give dhammatalks too.


Bhante Bodhidhamma’s youtube page. He’s a Mahasi-trained senior British monk, but his videos are mostly talks on Suttas.


Bhante Vimalaramsi’s YouTube channel has lots and lots of Dhamma talks and Sutta readings. Hope you enjoy it :pray:
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The talks by Ven Nanamoli Thero (Hillside Hermitage channel) offer a different perspective to that of many of the teachers already mentioned:

As always, be judicious in what you accept.

On this subject i had the idea to make an audio database of dhammatalks, but have encountered a problem of downloading or converting Youtube playlists en masse to audio, any ideas?

A database would be good. However, technically downloading things from Youtube is against their terms of use.


Hillside Hermitage talks: Practical, straight forward non-sugar coated talks that outline what to DO in order to train the mind.