A difficult life for russian Buddhists

So as you may know there is a war these years, and some Buddhists who refuse to go to war from religious view are imprisoned, here is an example
«Дайте уже срок, увольте меня, и все». Старший лейтенант Василец объясняет, почему отказался ехать в Украину и предпочел тюрьму (суд дал ему 2,5 года колонии‑поселения) you can use Google translate to translate the page and read. But some other Buddhists who are traditional Buddhists (Russian Mongolian minorities who are Buddhists in Russia since 17 century), they usually not refuse to go to war, because traditional Buddhists usually don’t see problem with killing, mostly I think because they uneducated in Buddhism compare to non-traditional, or perceive law of karma in wrong way, similar like in Myanmar, last accidents were made there because locals wrongly perceive law of karma, they believe that creating a stupa can cover mass killing of people. What is your thoughts about these?

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Its just as bad for Ukranian Buddhists…

or for that matter, anyone, anywhere - of any nationality, gender or religious persuasion - who dares question the ‘unalienable right’ of the Elites to use the 99% as cannon fodder in furtherance of their impossible to satisfy lust for still more power and pelf.


Bikkhu Bodhi is currently conducting a course in Russian:


I am Russian and live in Russia too.
Be strong. We will outlast this horror and the Teaching will help us to do it.
Держись. Не такое переживали, больше возможностей для практики.