A Joyful Gathering: Recapping our first European Translators Meeting in Bœrsch, Alsace, France

Hello, dear friends and fellow translators!

We are thrilled to share some heart-warming news from the scenic town of Bœrsch in Alsace, France. We’ve just wrapped up our very first European Translators Meeting, a memorable get-together that marked the beginning of what promises to be a beautiful tradition.

It was a unique opportunity to finally meet face-to-face, stepping out from behind our screens to share the same physical space. And oh, what a difference it makes! The hours flew by as we delved deep into our work, exchanging ideas, tools, and methods. The collective wisdom in those discussions was truly inspiring, shaping our understanding of best practices in translation.

Our gathering was punctuated with heartfelt conversations about life and practice. The local scenery offered the perfect backdrop for lovely walks, where the beauty of Alsace seemed to echo the warmth of our newfound camaraderie.

The plan is to hold these gatherings regularly, aiming for twice a year. It’s a chance not just to collaborate, but to grow together, enriching our lives as much as our work.

Looking ahead, we’re filled with hope that more translators will join this wonderful venture, adding their unique threads to this rich tapestry we’re weaving together.

Until next time, let’s keep translating, connecting, and sharing this journey that’s as enriching as the texts we work with.

Warm regards,

@Sabbamitta and Noé


This is really wonderful. Was it just the two of you? If you don’t feel comfortable saying the people, can you tell us languages represented?


That looks absolutely lovely.
Thank you for sharing it.


Yes, only the two of us were there, representing German and French. We discussed making it a recurring event, and gladly welcome more translators.