A new translation of the Dīrgha-āgama (Taishō 1)

The new translation into English of the Dīrgha-āgama (Taishō 1) by Bhikkhu Anālayo is now under way!

In the below paper Bhikkhu Anālayo clarifies his decision and his critique on the current translation by Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai America.



This is great. Do you plan to host both translations on Sutta Central or just one?

By the way, are there any news about the publications of the english translation of the Madhyama Agama, volume 2 and 3?

Anyway, I wish them good luck and much pleasure with all this translation work! :anjal:

Edit: Sorry, I did not see the other thread where my question is answered (vol. 2 and 3 completed and at the publisher presently)


We just plan to host Bhikkhu Anālayo’s translation. As he points out, there are a number of problems with the other translation.

The MA is indeed a little bit more problematic: we will have to wait until the copyright expires. This new translation of the DA will not have copyright on it because it will go through a different organisation.


How about the Samyukta Agama translation? I see at Bhante Analayo publication page (https://www.buddhismuskunde.uni-hamburg.de/en/personen/analayo.html), he didn’t update the SA translation there since 2016. Is there any information about it?

Thank you


His SA translation is right here on SC:


I haven’t heard whether he is continuing this at this time.

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Ven. Analayo has told me he has put aside his Samyukta translation work for now. Hopefully he will get back to it after translating the Dīrghāgama, but that will obviously be a while.