A retreat under the stars - The Analysis of the Elements

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The Analysis of the Elements
‘Don’t neglect wisdom, preserve truth, foster generosity, and train only for peace.’ That’s what I said, but why did I say it?
And how does one not neglect wisdom? There are these six elements: the elements of earth, water, fire, air, space, and consciousness.

Dhātuvibhaṅgasutta MN140

From April 20th to 25th 2019, Bhante Sujato will be in Australia’s epic heartland, skilfully taking apart the Dhātuvibhaṅga sutta also known as The Analysis of the Elements.

The spiritually charged Red Centre is an unmatched location to take refuge and unwind in the company of the wise.

Please click this link to join this retreat:

Teachings are always FREE.
The cost is to cover airport transfers from Alice Springs and Uluru, accommodation (camp site or hotel*), tents and swags, all meals, tea and coffee, entry passes to National Parks and guided tours plus Bhante Sujato’s airfare.

*Hotel accommodation available at extra cost. Please enquire if interested.


Half a world away and beyond practical travel, I would be content and grateful for any transcripts and/or recordings that might emerge and be posted here on SuttaCentral at any time after. :pray:


Yes , the teachings will be avaliable online after the retreat.