A wishlist of resources

@Sonwbird and @sujato
It may be relevant here to express my wish for some time to see these 3 things

  1. a collection of lets say a 15-30 (pick a number) essential suttas that relate to the ‘core teachings’ of the Buddha, that any committed student of ‘One Dharma’ (not yanas, lineage or sects) a term used in his book by Buddhist Insight teacher ‘Joseph Goldstein’) can find easily from Sutta Central.

  2. Give some keywords and phrases, may be the context too, above each of the the suttas as a way to search all suttas in the Sutta Central (not sure if this is already possible)

  3. Also I feel it is very important to know and reflect on the meaning of some essential pali words to develop Wise attention and reflection on the Dhamma. Lets say 70 words or phrases (with sutta reference) one can reflect on for stream-entry. Example here http://kusala.online-dhamma.net/

Would that be too much work? Just throwing it out there in the wishing “well”.
:pray: :pray

Thank you.

No work at all, as all of these already exist!

There are 20 here

https://voice.suttacentral.net has just such a curated collection of phrases to search for

suttacentral.net has summaries above nearly every sutta. Just click on the “Parallels” button to see the summary.

There’s already a search box on SuttaCentral… and it already searches the summaries

Seems you already have this one too! How fortunate you are! :laughing:


Thank you Bhante @Khemarato.bhikkhu . This inspires my sutta studies. I loved the sutta on ‘Anger’ and ‘Nava Sutta’.

I tried searching a few random words at SC, it says search result zero ‘0’. Then it shows in some cases a couple of sutta. I need to try another time.


There’s a bug with the search i noticed today, not sure what is going on, but we’ll try re-indexing it and see.


I too would find a glossary of translations useful.

I’ve had good luck web searching on variations of “Top Buddhist Suttas”.

Doing so, I even found Bhante Sujato’s Top 10 list he posted here. He added in 10 more suttas on the sly by suggesting at least one other sutta with each of the “10” suggestions. :slight_smile:

You mean like this?

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Yes, but in reverse, where you would use the English translation to look up the Pali word.

For example, if you are reading a sutta, and you want to know what Pali word “fading away” is translated from so you could get a better understanding of the sentence.


The Forum search can be narrowed to within a thread, but not a single post. It would be very useful to have what Jhana4 suggests for @johnk’s table, I would certainly use it as they suggest. @khagga I’m wondering if you see merit in this suggestion?

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You can use the browser search on the post. Sometimes I have to press control-F twice, when the software takes me to the Thread search with a single control-F.


For me it doesn’t take me to the search item within the post, only to the post.

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Hmm, yeah. I just tried the “search within this topic” approach, and it looked promising at first:

But then clicking that latter result just kind of took me back to the page without any match highlighting or anything so yeah, not that useful.

I think @mikenz66’s suggestion is useful, though. If you hit Command-F (if you’re on a Mac; not sure what the key combo is for Windows or Linux - Ctrl-F?), you just end up on the normal browser search. In this case (after being diligent :crazy_face: ) I got to two results that you can tab through with the arrows:

No computer — -How about on an iPhone?

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So, there is a workaround but it takes a few steps. Here goes:

First, the built-in way:

As you can see there is a “Search this topic” option. So that might work in some cases, but I think for the example of searching the wordlist maybe the result isn’t so hot, since it looks like this:

The answer is there but it’s in a squashed-text view which is kind of hard to make sense of.

However, there is a “search in page” function in iPhones you could use, like this.

First, select the URL bar as if you were going to type in a URL (or run a search):

Now, here’s the part I find tricky. There are actually more options behind the keyboard, but you can’t see them as long as the keyboard is active! If you tap in the upper part of the screen, though, the keyboard will vanish, and you will see this:

Note the “On this page (2 matches)” option. Hit that one. And finally you will get a nice little search interface that allows you to page through the matches in the screen — there are two uses of that translation: Bhante Sujato uses diligent as a translation for appamatta, and Bhante Bodhi uses it as a translation for analasa.

Hope that helps!



That needs study ing. Thanks so mu. I will let you knhiw I go. :pray:

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