Ajahn Brahm on Views and Right View

Feeling inspired by the cordial exchange here, I just listened to this lovely Dhamma talk from 10 years ago and thought it worth posting here.

Also, here are the relevant “Word of the Buddha” classes (which discuss the 4 Noble Truths, as found in the Suttas) from last year.

There’s a lot to cover and Ajahn Brahm is both relaxed and thorough in his teaching style, so that’s why this aspect of the 4th Noble Truth takes 3 classes to cover. Also, these classes do meander a bit as people ask questions and make comments, but they’re rather lovely to listen to.

Ajahn begins the discussion, (or rather the preamble to the main discussion!) on Right View around the 50/55 minute mark. There’a disjoint between the audio and the visual at some point…but the whole class can still be listened to with ease.

The next class continues the discussion on Right View:

Ajahn finishes discussing Right View in this class: