Alternative Vietnamese translation of the pali nikayas

Dear admins,

I have been translating and editing some discourses in the baskets (nikaya) from English (versions by Venerable Bodhi, Venerable Thanissaro, Venerable Sujato) into Vietnamese.

Here is the link:

I would like to share it with Vietnamese readers and look forward to getting feedbacks from the community so I can improve it better and for more discourses to be translated.





great, thank you so much


Oh wow, this is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!

I just wanted to check if your intention had been to just share the Google doc, or to have the translations added to SuttaCentral as well (and if so, whether what you’ve linked to above is still in draft form or is ready to be prepared for the site)?


Hi @Aminah ,

Thanks for your response.

My purpose is for Vietnamese readers to have a modern-language version of the nikayas to read.

As long as they can access the translation, either via the google doc link or being added to SuttaCentral is fine.

I hope that when a new Vietnamese comes to SuttaCentral, he/she is informed/aware of ‘oh, there is Vietnamese translation’.

Each translated discourse is complete. But I am still translating more and adding the new ones to the google doc.

If you want to add them to SuttaCentral and in case there needs to be some minor changes of translated discourses (such as after I get feedback from readers on where they find it difficult to understand, unclear or there needs to be improvement, change of words), and if changing on Suttacentral is not hard, then please feel free to add them anytime that suits you.

But if adjusting an uploaded discourse on SuttaCentral is inconvenient (eg time-consuming technical issues), then maybe later (somewhere in the far future :))), I will notice you and you can add them.

If anyone can help me to notice new Vietnamese readers coming to SuttaCentral about this link, that will be awesome and just what I expect here :smiley:

Thanks again,
Best regards


Thanks for getting back to me. This is great!

Yes, I think the translations will likely have greater reach if they go on the main SuttaCentral site rather than just being posted here on D&D.

Of course, the text can be updated after they’ve been added to the site, but perhaps it is better in the first instance to allow a little time for some corrections & edits (particularly if anything results from your call for feedback) and I can follow-up on having them prepared for the site a little bit later when they have been more ‘stabalized’.

Again, much thanks for sharing your work! :anjal:


Great! Thank you!

Yes, I think so too, being added to the main SuttaCentral site will get more attention from readers. Personally I found the main site first because it is on the list of google search results for English nikayas. It was when I googled ‘Samyutta Nikaya English’ that I found the main site.

I wonder how many Vietnamese members are there on this forum. I only know some, based on their name. But if the main site has already had Vietnamese translation by Venerable Thich Minh Chau, then I suppose there is a demand from a significant number of Vietnamese readers to access the nikayas in Vietnamese via SuttaCentral main site.

Now I’m thinking that how I can get feedbacks :joy: I look forward to hear from two types of readers.

The first type is readers who are completely new to the nikayas (they have never read Venerable Thich Minh Chau’s translation before). See if they find the google doc file is language-friendly, easy to understand words and grammars.

The second type is readers who have read Venerable Thich Minh Chau’s translation. See if they find the google doc file is easier to understand.

I have shared the google doc file for some days but so far haven’t got significant suggestions yet. :sweat_smile:

so that’s the thing :slight_smile:

Thanks again,
Cheers :smiley:


Perhaps Start a new topic with a specific call for Vietnamese speaking members. Something along the lines of
“Calling all vietnamese speakers”
Feedback needed regarding new Vietnamese translations before posting onto Sutta Central.

  • that should get more specific attention. When I read your original topic Title here, I assumed it was just a link to a resource, and not that feedback was needed :slight_smile:

We could also do a poll/survey asking people what languages they speak. That would be a pretty useful thing for Sutta Central overall I think.

What do you think @Aminah ?

:anjal: :dharmawheel:


Yup, sounds like a fine idea!


Sweet! I will try it.



should I write the new topic in English or (allowed to?) Vietnamese? :neutral_face:


There is a very slight concern around moderation, the mods are extraordinary, but it’s a little beyond reasonable to ask them to moderate in Vietnamese! :smiley:

In this case, given the nature of the post I think it’s fine (so long as you take care to make sure any resulting discussion sticks to the forum guidelines), but I don’t suspect that D&D attracts many (maybe not even any) Vietnamese-only speaking users. Perhaps you can draft it in both languages and cover all basis (with a general preference towards English for the above given reason).


Yes, I thought about whether it would be inconvenient for moderators. That was why I consulted you which language would be appropriate.

Well, I’ll stick with English :smiley: I still need to try it :roll_eyes: (why am I so desperate :joy: )

Thanks again :smiley:


:smile: Okay, cool, but also keep in mind, that if you do have people who are interested in giving you feedback and you very understandably want to get into more detailed discussion in your native/primary/preferred language, you might like to make use of the PM facility.


Yes, PM works well. I did get messages from some fellows :smiley:

Cheers :sunglasses: