Analayo Bhikkhu---E-learning course on Nibbana: The Mind Stilled (1--11)---2017

Early Buddhism E-learning Courses

The Nibbāna Sermons 1 to 11 by Bhikkhu Ñāṇananda (2017)

Bhikkhu Analayo Course Syllabus 0,51 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu K. Nyanananda Nibbana—The Mind Stilled 5,58 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 01: Sermon 1 0,57 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo AN 10.60, DN 16, SA 1020, MA 29 1/11 89′ 10,12 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 02: Sermon 2 0,60 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo Dhp 271, AN 1.219-234, MA 204, SA 296, AN 4.9 2/11 93′ 10,54 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 03: Sermon 3 1,04 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo DA 1 3/11 85′ 9,72 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 04: Sermon 4 1,37 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo T 1544, T 1545, SA 1203, SA 1266, T 2, MA 98, EA 12.1 4/11 94′ 10,69 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 05: Sermon 5 0,64 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo T 2, T 26, T 1 5/11 88′ 10,03 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 06: Sermon 6 0,18 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo SA 46, T 2, MA 210 6/11 92′ 10,50 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 07: Sermon 7 0,77 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo T 1, T 27, T 32, T 2, T 4, MN 49, MA 78 7/11 85′ 9,73 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 08: Sermon 8 0,52 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 204 8/11 98′ 11,17 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 9: Sermon 9 1,18 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo SA 1166, SA 270, MA 57, MA 113, SA 564, DA 21, SA 298, T 124, EA 49.5 9/11 91′ 10,39 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 10: Sermon 10 0,47 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo SA 261, SA 46 10/11 77′ 8,75 MB :arrow_down:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 11: Sermon 11 0,65 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo T 4, MA 74, AN 8.30, T 46, EA 42.6, MA 115 11/11 95′ 10,86 MB :arrow_down:

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Is it possible to have all files from a single author on one single thread, rather than create a plethora of new threads?


I believe this was already covered in this thread (main point is SuttaCentral IDs): Ajahn Brahmali---Sunday Sutta Class (Digha Nikaya 16)---Dhammaloka 2003--present

How to find specific talk based on author or topic or some other attribute can be found here: Offering resources vs discussion?

I previously wondered also about the nonuse of threads. I think it would be nicer if both search tags and a thread structure were used. That would be possible if particular tags could be associated with individual posts. However, after checking this, I think it’s the case that tags can only be associated with entire threads? So unfortunately it seems an either-or choice between threads and the AV tag search function setup. Maybe there’s a workaround for that (I guess probably not)?

That means some kind of pinned easily-found explanatory post in the AV forum is really essential (giving an intro and mini-tutorial on how to search using tags). Maybe it could contain a list of all the tags you use also? Otherwise, the tag search system (even if nice) will, I suspect, just pass over the heads of the vast majority of people coming to the site.

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This is a very good point, especially if others would also be interested in maintaining and expanding the audio resources in a similar or even more structured way—you mentioned a directory style wiki in one of the previous threads which is a really nice idea but it would definitely require a bit more work and design consideration to make it really useful and alive.

I will have a look into this when I finish adding the resources and then we can open a dedicated thread to see if there are any takers and gather ideas on how to approach a shared effort like this.


Sounds good! The amount of material you are posting probably merits something like a pinned thread in the AV section where tag based search is explained and perhaps a table of the tags you use (to give people an idea of what tag labels can be used in searches). And, as you imply, there’s nothing preventing a hierarchical directory with lists of links to threads being later added. Even if this can’t be done via a conventional thread structure, it could still be done via something like a wiki. I think a hierarchical table-of-contents type overview of your resources would be nice. Would involve a fair bit of work though! :slight_smile: I’d be happy to give some ideas at a later stage if you manage to get around to this.


I would really appreciate that! And a helping hand too, if you could spare one :smile:

Sure! Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be that complicated. Even some simple listings based on your existing tag structure could be useful and a good start.

For example, you could construct a list of links to AV threads organized by teacher. Though that might be better to subdivide further by organizing according to setting or talk series (otherwise individual teacher lists might get too long). So if I want a talk by Analayo I can just go and look up the list.

Another list organizing links by subject matter whether Vinaya, meditation, early Buddhism or bhikkunis or whatever would be useful.

You could fairly automatically extact out much of that by simply using your existing tag structure. OK, you’d probably say all this can be done already more elegantly via tag search. However, it would make things easier for the more old-fashioned hierarchically-inclined old fogeys amongst us! :smile:


I would be happy to help as well! Just let me know when you get ready.

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Thank you so much for uploading the early Buddhism lectures materials from Bhikkhu Analayo, who brought comparisons with Chinese Agamas. Mostly early Buddhism material are Pali texts based only, the material from Chinese Agamas almost ignored. I hope there will be more materials like these and the thread starter can upload it again :anjal:

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Bhikkhu Analayo’s skill to read and translate from both Pali and ancient Chinese makes his comparative studies of the EBTs extremely valuable indeed.

I intend to continue posting new audio resources here as they become publicly available. You can also find other already posted resources related to EBT comparative studies and all resources from Bhikkhu Analayo by putting one of these search terms

#av tags:mono16kbps11khz+agama
#av tags:mono16kbps11khz+analayo

in the search tool at the top right corner.

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Building a searchable database of such talks is truly worthwhile. Hopefully it can eventually be shaped with less geeky methods of access.

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