Anita Moorjani touches on her experience of letting go of terminal cancer

I feel this also deserves its own post and so I moved it from it’s original thread. This lady was surrounded by witnesses - medical staff and family. She had an unusual experience, after which her cancer riddled, comatose body which was supposed to have died, fully recovered in a matter of weeks.


It is a great story. I was next to a cancer patient who went to a coma. I was talking to her while she was in the coma and when she came out of the coma she said she could recall I was talking to her.
Then I spoke to another patient who went to a coma for three months and she said she could not remember anything.
I can relate to this video presenter with my experience. But I still doubt whether we can have out of body experience. Once in meditation, I felt that my mind detaches from my body. My body was lying in the bed and I was watching.
In another case, I walk up one morning to find my body is faster sleep snoring.
So there is some form of mind-body disconnection happens but I do not think it is mind-body separation.
To me, body and mind cannot be separated the same way fire cannot be separate from the stick.
Perhaps what we are experiencing here is the non-karnal (Niramisa) feeling. Many of us are used only to the karnal feeling (amisa).
So when we experience non-karnal feeling we think that our mind separate from the body.

Perhaps I may change my view in the future if I have a different experience.

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