Any sutta references for annihilationism being 'superior among wrong views'?

Hello, do you know any sutta references for the above? If so, please do share :slight_smile: .



This is the best of the convictions of outsiders, that is: β€˜I might not be, and it might not be mine. I will not be, and it will not be mine.’ When someone has such a view, you can expect that they will be repulsed by continued existence, and they will not be repulsed by the cessation of continued existence.

In SN22.81 and probably elsewhere, this β€œI might not be, etc” is said to be the annihilationist view.

Note, it’s different from β€œIt might not be”, mentioned for example in SN22.55, which is not about β€œI” (i.e. a self) who won’t be, but about impersonal cessation. (Manuscripts sometimes mix the two up.)


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