Anyone know about these pictures?


Found a video that confirms this: (quite a fascinating museological experience in itself).

Thank you so much for satisfying a long standing curiosity and a salute to your formidable Googling skills!

Likewise, thanks to you! Actually, this book uses almost the same image, but clearly the designer or someone else couldn’t bear to have a representation of the Buddha without a bobbly thing on his head so added one. When Googling myself, I saw a number of these image adaptions.

Lastly, another thanks to @SCMatt for the Invidious recommendation (in the other thread); YouTube has become increasingly unbearable.


This “Buddha’s life story” video of 2011 used quite a few similar paintings.

Lord Buddha’s life story



The picture on the book cover is not entirely the same as the original image in this thread, as the Buddha on the book cover has the ‘hair knot’ on His head. So the book authors seem to have used it but modified it.

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Yayyy, I gotcha “Knotless Buddha”!

>>> This link will open in google 360 view of the museum <<<

@Dana Probably the full set is in the above link. :anjal:



My word, the modern world surely is an utterly curious place!

That’s so brilliant, again, much thanks!

Okay, one last challenge, fellow travelers: can anyone make this out? :wink:


(I’ve deciphered the “K.” part, the rest is down to you.)


Very beautifully done ‘The Buddha’s Life Story video’. Among the best images I came across on the internet. About 10 years ago I found 2 of those images( The Buddha in the Palileyya Forest attended by Elephant and monkey and also the Buddha (or Bodhisattva Buddha to be) seated under Bo Tree. The Palileyya one I found on the Facebook, Heart of Buddhism page. The other I did not record were exactly. But after reading part of your thread I went back to that Heart of Buddhism page and saw a few more images there which seem to be of the same style, but they are not in the short video you posted. For example:

I wonder what the full set is like and who the author is?
Thanks. :deciduous_tree: :green_heart:


Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great page, there’s a lot of examples there of this style, which for lack of a better word we could call “Buddhist Realism”. Here’s some more.

84306256_3003857426292965_3014146432731971584_n Uploading: 87515764_3053353054676735_6694927203471196160_n.jpg… Uploading: 88321353_3055083534503687_421780588924502016_n.jpg… Uploading: 88303453_3055532784458762_1276587915299782656_n.jpg… Uploading: 87468602_3055559114456129_5595626497244135424_n.jpg… Uploading: 90305458_3080309531981087_2378458330524811264_n.jpg…


Very perceptive. :wink: :rofl:

I’d have said general South Asian, spreading into SE Asia: so all of the above could be right.

I was hoping there would be some experts around who could distinguish different nation styles within the overall genre.

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Hi again,
why don’t you contact tat temple museum that hold the paintings? The link above from Sabbe_Dhamma_Anatta:


It’s not blurry enough and the reflected light only obscures part of it, but, here goes: :wink:

no idea, but may involve a “fridge”
K . ch something or another, possibly an “m”, something else, maybe a “t”, one more something . 34

How’d I do? :upside_down_face:




The full name is Kamnuan Chanantho (คํนวน ขณันโท)ป-55/คำนวน-ชานนโท,6039.0.html?PHPSESSID=2r6d8s80p7eddfv731vnsn8la3


And, with that, the mystery is solved. :+1:


I was enjoying a hot beverage when reading this; and I’m not so sure it is at all decent to be so recklessly funny! :joy_cat:

:cake: for you and all!

I giggle to myself a little in disbelief that an idle curiosity I had floating about in the background has resulted in all this. I’m half inclined to propose that we should establish a detective agency and possible sell the story rights to Hollywoodland.

But! In effort to turn a bit of light fun towards something a smidgen more meaningful I hope those playing at home also enjoyed reflecting a little on the teachings that inspired these pictures. That’s the only reason I was interested in them in the first place.

Anyway, a final thank you so much to everyone! :pray:


Hi, I just found how to use that Museum’s virtual guide map. An amazing royal museum.


Hi Aminah,
one more picture from the Internet of the Buddha in the same style - perhaps of Mahapajapati’s ordination.
mahapajapati-gotami-- - donwloaded form Alchetron on the Internet

Would you like to start a new thread, specifically for this year’s Vesak?
I think it would be good to share for Vesak, some of these pictures and the beautiful video posted here by Sabbe_Dhamma_Anatta.
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Please feel free to start such a thread I think it is a lovely idea :smiley:


Oh wow! Thanks so much for sharing this, Dana. It’s so lovely to see.

I was actually a bit surprised, to find that one of the images I was most charmed by (the big one in the OP) was the Buddha teaching the nun’s community (can’t remember where I saw the detail, and can’t presently stop hunt it out, but I definitely read it somewhere).

One of the things I find so interesting about the images from this artist is how on the one hand, some of them beautifully depict the sangha’s forest dwelling ways, and on the other hand some others depict what to my senses seem like wildly anachronistic built settings: those buildings are a bit further on from wooden constructions! :wink:

In any case, they are still a joy to reflect on; again thank you so much. :pray: :slight_smile:


Oh hi!

I thought I recognized the paintings :joy:! This is my temple! :joy: :joy: :joy: