Apadāna - Legends of the Buddhist Saints

The Legends of the Buddhist Saints, which include:

  1. The Legend of the Buddhas
  2. The Legend of the Lonely Buddhas
  3. The Legends of the Theras
  4. The Legends of the Therīs

has just been published for free reading and downloading: http://beta.apadanatranslation.org/text/download/

From the translation project website: http://beta.apadanatranslation.org/about/





Just read nr1, speechless …

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Pardon my ignorance, but what is the source of this material? Is it part of EBT’s? Are they the words of the Buddha Gautama?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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It’s part of the Pali Canon. The links below may be helpful:


Just to follow up on @Gabriel_L good links above, you can find the original text on SC here:

For the Therāpadāna:

For the Therīapadāna

At the top of the pages there is also a short introduction (by Bhante Sujato I suppose…) if you click on the little grey arrow in the top right corner.

I was surprised to see that the Rhinoceros Sutta (Snp 1.3) was found here in the Paccekabuddhaapadāna (Tha Ap 2), which is coherent with the commentary on the Sutta Nipata. The Apadana being apparently a later text, it does not mean much, but still, it’s interesting.