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Don’t fall for the FIB (Fooled by Biological Imperative)


What is BI (Biological Imperative)?

In general, most of BI falls under the three F’s. Feeding, Fighting, Fornication.

One of the keys to overcoming carnal lust, passion, sensuality (desire for 5 strings of sensual pleasure), is understanding the true nature of BI.

BI is impersonal. You have roughly 75 trillion cells in your body, each cell has a life span of less than 7 years. They clone themselves, imperfectly, and billions of cells die, are cloned, and recycled and eliminated from “your” body everyday. This process is happening continuously.

On the micro (personal) level, this is happening. On the macro level, living organisms, including humans, survive by reproducing, allowing the species to survive.

Now feeding and caring for yourself, let alone a partner, offspring, family, clan, is a lot of work. Before industrialization, even the simple act of eating for survival was a monumental struggle. It’s a lot of work, a lot of suffering to survive on the micro and macro level. How did humans and other species manage to survive?

Enter BI (biological imperative). This comes in the form of pain and pleasure. Pain lets you know you’re doing something harmful to micro and macro survival. Pleasure floods your brain with addictive euphoric chemicals that pervade your whole physical body and you feel powerless to resist its addictive urges.

So how can you surmount this seemingly irrestible force?

Lots of practice, patience, diligence, and forgiving yourself for missteps. Just as one can be disciplined in eating once or day, or eating only between sunrise and solar noon time, one gradually comes to deeply understand that those physical euphoric pleasurable feelings are just BI. Don’t fall for the FIB, don’t be ruled by the biological imperative. Understand it, and put it in its proper place. You need to respond to pain to prevent harming your physical health, and to an extent you need to listen to pleasurable feelings from eating to tune in to know which foods contain nutrients you need (it changes with time and conditions depending on how you use your body).

But beyond those essential survival needs, don’t fall for the FIB. If you’re aiming for nirvana, following the precepts of celibacy/chastity/brahmacariya, you can completely ignore sexual impulses. BI that is related to sleeping and eating, you have to pay attention to, but sexual urges you can train yourself to completely ignore, they only do you harm. Treat them like you would robo calls, unsolicited advertising, spam. Incinerate immediately. If you don’t you give it potential to harm you gravely.


I thought that the 7 years figure was an average? Some cells (many brain cells for example) last a lifetime, don’t they?

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I did a quick google search, didn’t find an answer that sounded authoritative/definitive. The lifespan of a neuron can vary, 7-10 years seems to be number that comes up.

In any case, the lifespan of any cell is finite, and the cloning process is prone to error, so just like the old VCR tape video recordings, each generation you copy the image gets fuzzier and more distorted. Just look at old people compared to when they were young.

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I remember years ago researching this because I had also heard the 7 years thing, there are some heart cells (telomeres I think) which last nearly the whole human lifespan.

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As I am now the other side of middle aged, I might suggest that the cloning process is prone to ‘refinement’ :wink:

Actually, from a personal point of view, I’m a lot happier with my physical form now than I was when I was younger, especially when I was a teenage boy. I guess that’s a product of this ‘maturing’ process and a natural lessening of the BI.

That’s not to say that I am likely to lust more for old bodies rather than young bodies. Young, virile bodies do seem more attractive. Of course young bodies are just a sack of meat and bones with a thin slither of excrement running through the middle, the same as the rest of us, but still :wink:

But, yeah, sorry, I know what you mean. Just wanted your post to contain as (currently) accurate info as possible.


Actually, what I found so fascinating about BI (biological imperative) is the sack of meat of the opposite gender doesn’t even have to be attractive for strong lustful physical reactions to arise in response to being in the presence of the opposite gender.

I can remember many occasions where I started to get an erection, or could feel the energy buzzing like a beehive in the pelvic region, and I absolutely was not attracted at all to the female that caused the physical response in me. That is, the erection and sexual response that occurred in my body was not triggered by mental lust at all. It was all a physical reaction from being in proximity. Reflecting on this later, I realized probably the female was in the cycle of reproductive readiness (capable of becoming pregnant), and that set off a chemical reaction that led to my response.

Another occasion, I remember carpooling with a car full of pious Buddhist ladies to the monastery, a 2 hour trip, none of whom I felt any attraction towards, the next day I had a nocturnal emission. During the time in close proximity in the car, I had no lustful thoughts, no lustful conversation, nothing that would warrant a physical sexual response on my end if one had the view mindfulness of the mind is the sole determining factor of everything.

I assume this kind of thing happens to everyone all the time, but no one wants to talk about it, or probably most people didn’t even notice it happening. We all pretend we don’t fart and don’t have awkward embarrassing thoughts. In the animal kingdom, you see what happens when dogs are in heat. No (human) leg is safe from their attack. BI is powerful. Otherwise, species would die out very quickly. No rational being would want to reproduce if they thought about things clearly.


Are you a monk?

People are not just “sacks” of anything. This kind of dehumanizing and strongly aversive language is dangerous.

Is this equivalent to “survival instinct”?

Doing a quick web search on that, I don’t know. They seem to overlap, but I can’t say exactly how they differ.

Yeah OK, but I didn’t say “people”, I said “bodies”. Equating “bodies” with “people” was all you.

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I think they are roughly the same. Do you think they relate to the Second Noble Truth?

Here is an article on biological imperative that some may find interesting: The 10 biological imperatives of life, including Homo sapiens – Atheist Nexus


These short video clips show in graphic detail what happens when we fall for the FIB.

Especially good is the peacock spider one, about 2 minutes long. it shows all the courtship, fancy colorful clothes, elaborate dance moves, all are for naught and just lead to death. In the human realm, same thing happens, just the death part is dragged out longer.


Some people may wrongly take inspiration from the male jumping spider who beat the odds. Let me remind you, it was just one encounter, he got lucky that time, but death catches up if not on the next encounter, but some other gruesome way against other predators, starvation, etc.

Dance like your life depends on it, because it does.

@Timothy in your opinion, are these Biological Imperatives science or beliefs?

My personal reaction is that they are views, perhaps pseudo science, perhaps attempt to create a foundation for beliefs. The offered axioms do not seem to me to be accurate, but as i said, that is a personal reaction.

With metta and thanks for intriguing thoughts.

We all die in the end. I don’t see what benefit there is in blaming our mortality on our sex drives. Of course, some people make sexual or mate-selection decisions they later regret, and the time we waste on heeding the call of our sex drives can also be a source of regret.

This does in fact seem to be happening in developed cultures. People don’t want the hassle of large families. The demise of the large Victorian family in this age of family planning. Since oral contraception, many people prefer to be quite childless, so they “get their cake and eat it”. The problem of celibacy remains.

In earlier cultures, children, especially sons, were a source of wealth. Kinship networks and economic networks were the same thing. One of the chief forms of greed the Buddha mentions is the greed for sons.

This was just an article I pulled up after a search for “biological imperative.” I thought I’d link it to give some background on the subject at hand. Feel free to interpret the information given in any which way is most beneficial for you!