Are Men allowed to visit Bikkhuni monasteries to learn Dhamma


@thomaslaw Did you read the Wikipedia article in full?

In 1996, through the efforts of Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women, the Theravada bhikkhuni order was revived when 11 Sri Lankan women received full ordination in Sarnath, India, in a procedure held by Dodangoda Revata Mahāthera and the late Mapalagama Vipulasāra Mahāthera of the Maha Bodhi Society in India with assistance from monks and nuns of the Jogye Orderof Korean Seon.[35][36][37][38]

The first Theravada bhikkhuni ordination in Australiawas held in Perth, 22 October 2009, at Bodhinyana Monastery. Four nuns from Dhammasara Nun’s Monastery, Ajahn Vayama, Nirodha, Seri and Hasapanna, were ordained as bhikkhunis in full accordance with the Pali vinaya…](Bhikkhunī - Wikipedia)

The wiki article goes on to talk about valid ordinations in Indonesia and America. So… I’m not sure if you’re just trolling or genuinely confused about the existence of Bhikkhunis? :thinking:

I’ve visited Nirotharam bhikkhuni monastery in Thailand, which is very well supported by the lay people and monks from the surrounding area. I’ve also been to Dhammasara monastery in Perth, and Santi monastery near Sydney. I’ve met Bhikkhunis who live in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and many other countries. So I’m pretty sure they are not imaginary. Although some people and Buddhist bodies may not accept their ordination, there are many people, religious bodies and countries that do. I recommend you do some research a little bit deeper than just 1 wiki article, though, to get a fuller picture.

I hope that you will soon have the opportunity to visit a bhikkhuni monastery yourself and to hear the dhamma from them.

Here’s a map of Bhikkhuni monasteries I Made a Bhikkhuni Monastery Map for all men to visit!

Best wishes for a journey of discovery!