I Made a Bhikkhuni Monastery Map


If you have anything you’d like to add/change please let me know. I’ve started with North America, Oceania, and Europe because I’ve not yet been able to map/find most addresses in Asia.

All information taken from the Alliance for Bhikkhunis Directory.


Love it! :slight_smile: :anjal:


I can’t access it, I get a very helpful message: :unamused:

500. That’s an error.
There was an error. 
Please try again later. 
That’s all we know.

It works for me. I believe those Google 500 errors tend to be temporary.


Maybe add https://www.samita.eu/en/monastery-project/ ?

…and Songdhammakalyani Bhikkhuni Arama 195 Petkasem Highway, Muang District,
Nakhonpathom, Thailand 73000 http://www.thaibhikkhunis.org


Awesome!! I can also help you map/find places in Asia if you like :blush:


This is important, I needed this to give to ladies who come to the monastery and ask about these kinds of places, sadhu :slight_smile:


I’m sorry…I don’t really know how to fix Google errors. :grin: If it keeps happening let me know.

I would love to add Tilorien but I don’t know the new monastery address. Maybe this is something Ayya @Vimala can provide.

So this is a big problem I’ve been running into. The AfB directory has a lot of addresses (such as this one) that Google Maps can’t find when I input the address into search. What would be really awesome/helpful (and maybe @Cara this is something you can help with) is getting geographic coordinates as opposed to addresses for all of the bhikkhuni monasteries in Asia. This is a big task so let me know if I’m crazy.

Anumodana, kalyanamitto!


Yup that’s what I was thinking. nothing’s crazy just a challenge :upside_down: I think I can ‘probably’ do it, but I need time in front of my computer which might not be for a while :alarm_clock: leave me to it :spy:


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I’m not so great with Google Maps, but did locate the coordinates ( I think) for Songdhammakalyani

Phra Prathon
Mueang Nakhon Pathom District, Nakhon Pathom 73000, Thailand
13.814363, 100.093019

Maybe this works, @Brenna ?


Wat Nirotharam
Doi Kaeo, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai 50160, Thailand
+66 84 804 2040

And here is nirotharam!


Yay, thank you so much, Michael! :pray:

Edit: And Cara!


You could ask @Aminah to help here. She has made the entire Google map of Buddhist India and did a great job on that.

Tilorien (when we finally get building permission) is in Engreux, Belgium (no address yet, just a plot number) at coordinates: 50.1245, 5.70279



There be dragons! Mapping is all fun and games until somehow someone ends up trying to learn javascript or looses an eye! :smiley:

Anyway, figured I’d have a little poke at the list, I’m not 100% about some of the the Asian ones. @Cara, might be able to verify them what with actually having visited the countries in question which rather beats my poor-man’s Google pilgrimage. In the order they appear on the AfB site:

###Sri Lanka

Ayya Khema International Meditation Centre : 6.76728, 80.03449 (it’s on the AfB list, but I guess strictly speaking it might not belong within the bounds of this map as it’s not a Bhikkhuni Monastery - if it does, however, then Milntuim Hermitage absolutely does: 56.34691, -4.00535)

Sakyadhita Training Center: 6.76192, 79.90189

Bhikkhuni Training Centre: 6.93674,80.09511 (Kahatapitiya, 12418 Horana, Sri Lanka)

Mahamevnawa Nuns’ Monastery (Sri Lanka): 7.341587,80.251996


Thippayasathandhamma Bhikkhuni Arama: 7.15529, 100.53503

Suan Siridhamma Center: 13.62638, 100.18731 (very unsure about this one)

International Women’s Meditation Center Foundation: 12.64558, 101.37536


Awakening Truth: 38.43115, -122.66691

Dhamma Cetiya Buddhist Vihara: 42.26015, -71.15214

Embracing Simplicity Hermitage & Meditation Center: 35.30614, -82.457


Khemārāma (Tịnh An Lan Nhã): 10.5712, 107.22147


Oh thank you but I think you overstate my knowledge- I haven’t been to any of the ones you have listed :laughing:

I can give you the rough coordinates for wat Khun pang - bhikkhuni phalanyanis place in thailand… Good luck getting there though

Also some caveats-
The gotami vihara in M’sia is very small, I don’t even know if they have lay accomodation or can be visited.

And as some may know bhikkhuni dr lee’s place in Rayong was fire bombed last year :cry: not sure if they’re still there now…


lol - well sure, but you’ve been to at least Thailand and Sri Lanka beating my, ‘once thought about leaving my bedroom’ which in turn qualifies you as an expert :wink:

Oh shucks yes, as I was going through the list I could tell that some of the info was outdated, but I didn’t connect the dots with that particular case. Very sad.


Thank you so much, Aminah!

Hmmmm. Yeah I don’t know. Do you think I should include non-bhikkhuni monasteries? I’m inclined not to as there will be so many monasteries. Also I think it would be cool to show just bhikkhuni places…is that insensitive?

As Amma Thanasanti is disrobing, I don’t think I’m going to include Awakening Truth. :pensive:


A couple of things:

The coordinates for this one show satellite footage of a forest :grin:. I mean they could definitely have built in the forest, but I’m not seeing any recent structures.

I think this is the main monastery, I believe the nuns monastery might be here:

As per the directions given here.

Haha, ok, then maybe we’ll hold off on this one for now. :smile:

I feel like maybe Ven Pannavati’s meditation center has switched to the Heartwood Refuge, but I am very unsure.

Thanks, again, Aminah!


The Ayya Khema Centre is home to Ayya Kusuma Bhikkhuni, the first Bhikkhuni in Sri Lanka and also the preceptor of the following generation of Bhikkhunis. When I visited last year, there was also another nun staying and Ayya Kusuma would love more nuns to come, but considering that she is already 90, it might be too much for her. In any case, I think she should be included. Nun’s monasteries tend to fluctuate in numbers. As far as I know, there is only one Bhikkhuni at Santi Forest Monastery at the moment too. But hopefully more in the future. It is certainly the intention for the Ayya Khema Centre that it will again grow as a Bhikkhuni monastery with more nuns, as it was in the past.