I Made a Bhikkhuni Monastery Map

Hi@Brenna, I didn’t know and am sorry to hear this. I’m rather ‘out of the loop’ on such news these days but could you share more? On her website she’s still a Bhikkhuni & lists upcoming retreats and events.


Yes, I saw that on Ven. Bhikkhuni Kusuma’s website when I was having a poke. I had no idea and I think I gave a delighted “ooooh” out loud when I read it. At the same time the site seems to suggest the centre is … well, a centre. It looks (again just from the site) to be oriented towards any meditator, and it itself doesn’t mention anything about a monastery. Your point thus renews an intriguing question that came up in a discussion I was involved with elsewhere: is a monastery anywhere where a bhikkhuni or bhikkhu is resident?


No, not necessarily. There are meditation centers where nuns or monks are staying for some time. But it is a grey area. I lived in a monastery called The Pyu Tawye in Myanmar. “Tawye” actually means “meditation center” but 90% of the people living there were monks and nuns (no Bhikkhunis, needless to say). There were sometimes retreats there too for lay people.

But I think that in the case of Ayya Kusuma, it should be included.


Ahem to that… so to speak.


I actually have a few more links on our website:
https://www.samita.eu/en/links/ (scroll to the bottom).

We don’t want to miss Ayya @Santacari :slight_smile:


She just announced her intention to disrobe a few days ago.

Thanks, Ayya! I think I already have Dakkhina Dhammatthala on the map.


Sorry, I must have missed that. How about Karuna Sevena?


Not 100% sure where it is. Here?

OK, It’s working fine for me now. Very interesting. Lots of places I wasn’t aware of…


Yep. Very interesting. I have just been to Alaska and New Zealand in the space of 10 minutes :slight_smile:

Oh and the Czech Republic.


I’m in awe of all your amazing abilites.:bodhileaf:

Anumodana :anjal:


Bhikkhuni Dhammadinna lives here, at the place of my first introduction to residential meditation:

With metta


Yes, that is the address. But I think it is a bit further up the road (on streetview: where there are 2 people in the doorway and a colored shield next to the door).


Great job!!

There is also Kloster Hassel (Hassel Monastery) in Germany where Ayya Dhamma Bhikkhuni lives:


Do you know what the address/coordinates of this center is, Mat?

Yes it is 7.281217, 80.699897

Its noted on Google maps: Devanapethis Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre. This is their base. There are a few smaller satellite monasteries which I don’t have the addresses to.

with metta


Recently it came to my attention that there’s a new bhikkhuni monastery in Alajuela, Costa Rica, first one in Latin America:

Santi Janati’s blog:

I’m not sure if there are any bhikkhunis living there right now, but the Asociación de Budismo Theravada de Costa Rica published on Facebook that it will be open in April and Ayya Uttamatheri will be the residing bhikkhuni in the following months.


Learning for the first time today about Samaneri Tisaranee and Lilienhof-Sirisampanno Kloster in Germany, and interested to see where it is on the map related to other bhikkhunis’ viharas and monasteries in Germany, i’ve discovered that one could take a 108 day walking tudong/carika pilgrimage tour to all of them.

The number of days is based on past experience of ease walking 20-25ks/day – the circle is less than 2400 kms. (Or around 3000 kms and 30 hours to drive :smile:.)

This is the walking route: https://goo.gl/maps/qFvjnDjpXjWiUFFQ8.

These are the pilgrimage stops:

  • Lilienhof-Sirisampanno Kloster to visit Samaneri Tisaranee
  • Dhammanikhom Vipassana-Meditationszentrum to visit Ven Bhikkhuni Silavaddhani
  • Karuna Sevena to visit Ven Bhikkhuni Visuddhi
  • Anenja Vihara to visit Ayya Phalanyani and community
  • Tilorien Buddhist Monastery to visit Ayya Vimala
  • Dhamma Stiftung Kloster Hassel to visit Ven Dhamma Mahatheri
    and back full circle to Lilienhof-Sirisampanno Kloster.

And the reason i’m posting it here…because when i did a Google search for one of the addresses, this thread came up! :relaxed: So i was here already, and thought to share this garland (mala) of gems with you. :two_hearts:


Thanks, Bhante, it has been fixed. Somehow the address was right but it was pinning it in a weird spot. :woman_shrugging: