SuttaCentral KN Snp: English, V.Than., PL Passed :)


That all sounds reasonable to me! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I listened to 1.9 Hemavata sutta and it’s word perfect.


I have PL’ed and passed 1.7 and 1.8.


Pass, but I noted 2 things though, for you to judge:

At 00:58: "Like a spreading bamboo”, original text “Like spreading bamboo” (no ‘a’) (but you mention in the OP that you sometimes change or add articles, so not a problem)

At 08:28: The pause is longer than usual… still ok though


PL’ed and passed 1.10 and 1.11. One very minor departure from translation words in 1.11 at 1:29 where you have “thinks it’s beautiful” rather than “thinks it beautiful” but no real change in meaning.


PLed Snp 2.1 to 2.4:

  • 2.1, 2.3, 2.4 all pass, word for word!

  • 2.2 fail?: at 3:07 ‘not the ea-eating of meat’ (ea- is repeated twice)


Yes, that’s a fail. Nice catch, and I can deduce that I genuinely didn’t even realize at the time I stuttered/slurred the pronunciation of the word. If I’m aware that I messed up, I pause for 5 seconds, then say “repeat sentence. (and then repeat the messed up sentence)”. In the editing phase, I just look at the audio wave, and all the 5 second silence gaps standout so I know they need to edited. The 5 second gap can also just be me taking a breather, waiting for external noise to pass, etc.

I mention these details for those interesting in making audio recording suttas for in the future :slight_smile: It’s actually fun, easy, and very rewarding. Once you get a hang of it, editing goes very fast, it’s just deleting mistakes and pauses marked in audio, as easy as editing your writing in a word processor. For an average sutta of say 10 minute length, It takes maybe 12 minutes of recording, maybe 2-4 minutes of cutting out the pauses and mistakes.


1.12 and 2.14 PLed and passed. One very minor thing in 2.14 at 1:25: the final syllable of the pronunciation of “illumine” should be more “min” than “mine” (being ultra-pernickety here :slight_smile: ).


snp 2.2 has been edited and fixed. i re uploaded, verified the change is in.


Thanks, everyone should let me know if I’m mispronouncing a word, so even if I don’t rerecord that section, I will know how to pronounce it the next time. Some words, like “illumine”, which I never ever use in conversation, I’m just guessing at the pronunciation.

Some words can be legitimately pronounced in more than one way, is there an authoritative website we can rely on for pronunciation?


Your pronunciation of “illumine” did sound off to me, but I checked if perhaps this was an alternative American pronunciation (though I had my doubts as to likelihood of a fairly rare verb like that even having a variant). Lots of the main online English dictionaries these days seem to come with audio. The Cambridge dictionary is nice in that it usually has recordings of both British and American English. I have a friend who is a non-native English speaker who often uses this. However, while it has a recording for the more usual “illuminate”, there was nothing for the rarer verb form “illumine”. The Merriam Webster dictionary though did have an audio. Those two dictionaries are the ones I’ve used, but I’m sure there are probably audios with some of the other main ones also. I suppose most dictionaries use the phonetic alphabet to list common pronunciations, but I’ve never really learned to read that properly.


you can just search Google
define [word]
like this:
then click on the speaker icon


PLed Snp 2.05 to 2.13:

Snp 2.05: At 00:15 there is a long pause between ‘Suciloma’ and ‘the yakkha’; the pause is a bit longer than usual but it’s not necessarily an issue…
Snp 2.06: All good
Snp 2.07: At 05:49 There is a long pause before the Pali word ‘sammapasa’; the pause is a bit longer than usual but it’s not necessarily an issue…
At 07:38 there is an added ‘the’ before ‘rakkhasas’ (not an issue as stated in OP but I flag it just in case you want to edit it anyway)
Snp 2.08: At 00.36 ‘becoming’ should be 'become’
Snp 2.09: All good
Snp 2.10: All good
Snp 2.11: At 01:42 ‘then having’ should be 'then from having’
Snp 2.12: All good
Snp 2.13: All good

(English is not my first language so a second proof-listening of these suttas might be needed)


While I suspect I’m not going to pick up anything more than what you’ve already spotted, bar some odd pronunciation of a rare word or something similar, I’ll work my way through those for a second check over the next few days (has been a while since I’ve delved into the KN anyway).


Same here, I’m delighted to use it as an opportunity to investigate that book. There are some very nice summary of the path in some of these verses, it’s inspiring.


I added Vagga 5. Vagga 4, will be next, then V3 to complete the Snp.

V5 is particularly interesting, it’s reputed to be one of the oldest sections of the EBT. It has partial parallels in Agamas, strangely not the entire set of 16 questions. There a sutta, in AN 7 somewhere I believe, where someone as part of their daily practice chants this set of 16 questions. I think Bhante @sujato mentioned he had memorized it and used to chant it regularly as well? Reading the english at casual speed, I think it takes less than 20 minutes to recite all 16 (minus the prologue which is 12min and epilogue).

Bhante and anyone else who has memorized v5, do you have any tips and/or opinions for which ones definitely should be memorized, such as omitting prologue and epilogue, and ones with no agama parallels?


I worked my way through all of Vagga 2 over the last few days. I didn’t spot anything other than what you had mentioned. Looks like Vagga 2 is fine other than the small things you already spotted.


Have PLed and passed the vagga 5 prologue: 5.1 (by SC’s rather than V. Thanissaro’s numbering system) and 5.2 Ajita’s Questions. Minor omission of a “the” at 11:07 in 5.1 (has “splitting of head” rather than “splitting of the head”).

On the download site, there are FLAC format files for all of vagga 5. However, there aren’t mp3 files for some of them: 5.3,5,9,10, 17,18,19. The option to download everything as a zip is also only returning a zip file with just vaggas 1 and 2.


I will fix that today. I was experimenting with letting do the automatic derivatives, generating MP3 from FLAC files I upload, but that failed for many reasons. So I will generate MP3 files myself and upload.

never mind this hidden text, I will re record 2.8 and 2.11

_For 2.8 and 2.11, my reading mistake, IMO doesn’t alter the meaning enough to be worth recording again. For suttas as short as these, I would just read the whole sutta again rather than try to splice in a new edited sentence which won’t sound match very well with the original, and would require another round of PL. _

I would just consider these 2 suttas a PASS, unless you guys (or any of our audience) object?

The other suttas with the pause, I agree the pauses are a little longer than expected, and it’s because I was making an on the fly decision whether to read the parenthetical text. I will PASS these suttas.

I’m going to add a happy face emoji, or some other clear marker in the first post so at a quick glance everyone can quickly tell which suttas are already completed PL.


Have PLed and passed 5.3, 5.5 and 5.6. Didn’t spot problems with any of them.