SuttaCentral KN Snp: English, V.Than., PL Passed :)


I changed the audio link in message one to this:

It has a link within that page to the english recordings, to some of the pali (temporary recordings with bad microphone until we get the new recordings). and also this proof listening thread. A one stop shop.

In other words, go to -> KN -> snp

I only uploaded the paranaya vagga 5 in pali, they are just temporary, but I was excited to have a temporary version that I decided to upload it and share it. You never know when I might die, so in case the project doesn’t get finished, at least you have something. I didn’t bother with the metadata for the pali recordings, since they’re temporary, but if you download the whole set of mp3’s the filenames make it clear which file is what.


PLed Snp 5.10 to 5.14

Snp 5.10: :grinning: pass, all good!
Snp 5.11: :grinning: pass, all good!
Snp 5.12: :thinking:pass? just noticed two minor things

  1. at 00:47, ‘deeply’, there is a little pause between deep- and -ly
  2. at 01:15, audio has ‘having’ instead of ‘have’ in the text

Snp 5.13: :grinning: pass, all good!
Snp 5.14: :grinning: pass, all good!


I’ll try to chop “ing” from “having” and see if it sounds ok. If not, either we keep as is or I’ll rerecord the whole thing since it’s a short sutta, since “having” doesn’t change the meaning much, it’s kind of cryptic verse anyway.

edit: addition,
I made the fix, it sounds ok, uploaded it to, sutta is fixed, PASSED.


PLed and passed 5.7, 5.8 and 5.9. Didn’t spot any issues with them.


PLed 5.17, 5.18, 5.19, all good.


PLed 5.4, which I seem to have missed first time, and also 5.15 and 5.16. Only issue I spotted was a very minor one in 5.15 at 0:27 which has “perceptions of forms” rather than “perception of form”, but almost no difference in meaning so all three passed.


these 2 suttas are rerecorded and ready for PL

snp2-11-rah.flac 01-Jul-2018 16:17 6.2M
snp2-11-rah.mp3 01-Jul-2018 16:17 1.6M
snp2-8-boat.flac 01-Jul-2018 16:16 7.5M

edit, addition:
7/3/2018 uploaded the re-PL’d suttas to, so it contains the fixed versions of snp 2.8 and 2.11.


Have PLed these. Both were fine. One slightly long pause in 2.8 at 0:47 between “become” and “knowledgeable”, but not long enough to worry about IMO, so both 2.8 and 2.11 passed.


vagga 4 has 16 suttas, first 12 should be uploaded in a few more minutes. Rest of vagga will be finished in a few days.


PLed 4.1 to 4.3. Spotted no issues with 4.1 and 4.2. Perhaps one issue with a pause in 4.3 at around 1:57. The text concerned is “that’s why a person embraces or rejects a doctrine – in light of these very entrenchments. Now, one who is …”. There’s a slightly long pause at the dash punctuation mark. That wouldn’t normally be a problem except that the pause, shortly after, at the full stop (or “period” in US parlance :slight_smile: ) is somewhat shorter, which might possibly lead a listener to conclude that “in light of these very entrenchments” is attached to the following sentence.


Hi Frank,

I was trying to find some information about but there is no information on the website… (which is good in a way, I appreciate the ‘Google’-style straight-to-the-point websites - the legacy SC website was a bit like that actually!)

Anyway, do you know who is behind this initiative, the history of the project and their goals and ways of working?

Keep up the good work with these recordings, this is very valuable :anjal:


There’s a little bit of info here in the old googlesites page.

(that site is obsolete, don’t bookmark and use it regularly - i haven’t deleted it yet because there’s still some audio I need to migrate)

I stopped using googlesites because it’s time consuming to use the WYSIWYG interface to layout and content of the website. It doesn’t give you ftp access to just upload simple html code. So instead I have redirect to a freehosting website with no ads ( They do give ftp access, and so I can make super simple html code website that’s simple and direct.

I’m hoping eventually suttacentral will include audio links that go with the sutta text links.

If anyone is interested in voice recording suttas, please do! I’d love it if someone can complete the MN collection for me. There’s about 30 suttas left to do (out of 152). It would be great if we can get some female voices to do the Therigatha.


So you are the creator of the website and initiative?
And the following people in the list are contributors to the project?


I recall that Bhante Sujato has a plan to have his new translations recorded and hosted on SuttaCentral. It would be nice indeed if there could be a link to other recordings such as yours at audtip (similar to the various translations for the texts). Do you have some news on that front?


Thanks for the information!


PLed 4.10 to 4.12

4.10 Pass - All good!
4.11 Pass? - Slightly long pause at 2:15 after 'perplexity:'
4.12 Fail - Just one thing at 2:52, ‘depending’ instead of ‘dependent’, which changes the meaning of the sentence


Nope. All I heard was probably from the same SCDD post you saw, that SC had some agreement with people to do professional recordings of all of Bhante @Sujato’s translations, but it wouldn’t be soon.

All of the recordings are licensed creative commons with free non-commercial redistribution, so SC is free to link to them if they wish, and I hope that they do. All the audio files themselves are hosted on so I would expect the links to them would never go stale.

Whereas, if it can be made redundant by SC or anyone else, I’d be happy to retire that website.

Audtip = audio tales in pali.

Originally, it was short for audio tipitaka, but after I learned a little bit more about Abhidhamma pitaka, it occurred to me it’s really strange that it’s designated as if it’s on the same level or hierarchy with the 2 other pitakas (Dhamma & Vinaya).

I hope that the entire body of Suttas and Vinaya gets audio recorded without any participation from me, but as long as it hasn’t happened yet, I’ll continue to audio record whatever sections that interest me, and not already have existing recordings that are reasonably usable and free.

Audio support on suttacentral,,

4.4 to 4.6 all grand with no issues that I could see.


I just had a chat with David from

Have you checked out their site? They are doing a nice job!

I have made a more detailed proposal for audio on SC here:

So far, only considering audio on-site, based on existing sources such as audtip and paliaudio.


Ah… I was wondering!

Great to hear this, thank you Bhante :anjal:


Yes, it’s a nice site and I’m glad others are recording suttas. Can we get David in a discussion on SCDD? It would be really good to standardize on segmenting, especially for long suttas in DN and MN.

For some suttas, I’ve already exported on a timing text file, that maps a time in seconds, with a subsection title. HTML5 has built in support to play audio starting from a time (in seconds), so if we can rely an the SC line numbers I can export these timing text files with an SC#linenum preceding the section title. Sometime in the next few weeks I’ll make a sample of html sutta text with audio player to jump to all the sections from the timing text file.


I would like to recommend all those recording sutras to work together and avoid double work! :slight_smile:
Is there a good reason for that not to be the case?