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adding subsections to suttas, especially DN and MN long suttas

Here's an example of what I did in MN 127, whose original sutta text has no subsections.
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Hi David, I agree with expansion of sutta elisions on teachings points. I don’t know that suttacentral has any plans to have built in support for that in B. @sujato 's translations.

What I’ve done is post expanded versions of the sutta and eventually SC should show related sutta threads that include the sutta reference in the thread title. For example,

Will Rupert Gethin’s (and other authors not on SC) sutta text appear on SC in the future? At least for the suttas in which have recorded?

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Hi Frank
The copyright of Rupert’s translations is owned by Oxford University Press, they allowed to host the content without charge subject to an agreed copyright notice. I am meeting with Rupert on Friday and will ask him if it is possible to allow his translations to be included on suttacentral.


We don’t have plans at the moment, but it is really just a matter of time and personnel.

I have suggested to David that he preserve online the exact text of the expanded version that his readers use. This can be simply a plain text file on, or (even better) a github repo (why not both!?)

That way if we ever decide to include expanded versions they can be easily added.

Great, I hope the meeting goes well.