Auto translation when hovering mouse


I think the feature of auto-translation a Pali word when the mouse just hovers over the word is super useful. This feature was available before but now I have to click on the word which quickly becomes rather tired.

I meant, it is not a new feature, it was there before and it was really useful. Of course I can revert to the legacy version to use that feature but is it impossible to get that feature on the new version?

Could anyone please tell me is there any chance this feature will come back soon?
With metta :pray:

I believe in another thread Bhante Sujato has already said they won’t be bringing that feature back.

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I tried to do a search for keyword “hover mouse” but couldn’t find any such thread, maybe Bhante @sujato can help to clarify on this issue? Really sorry to make you repeat what you said (or maybe just give me the link to that thread instead?) :smiling_face:

I believe the explanation is here in this thread:

Thank you @ekay
Actually I am not convinced with Bhante @sujato 's explanation

We can make it as an option so that anyone wants that feature can turn it on, instead of removing such a feature altogether. Someone using mobile version can turn it off. I find that feature super useful. Am I wrong here?

Are you going to code it? I’m not trying to be snarky. But in any case, how is clicking such a burden?

I really think this is a case where contentment should be practiced.

I am grateful for what I have. :smiling_face:

If your reason is: Well the team has much higher priority and better useful things to do, then I will go along with you. And I will expect something like we can do it when we have time.

But now your reason seems like I am touching a taboo subject :pray:

That feature is available before, that’s why I simply don’t understand why the team makes it completely new while removing old work altogether.

I can code myself an auto-click, maybe? :laughing:

It’s just my opinion, but I kind of feel like it is. I don’t want to assume that you don’t have a background in coding/web development, but this comment makes me think it may be the case…

I’m not meaning to be condescending, but it isn’t like moving furniture in and out of a room. They didn’t move out your favorite sitting chair just because it didn’t match the new drapes :grin:.

Software and websites (which really are software in the case of SC) are complicated and you cannot include every possible feature without increasing the possibility of other problems. The design team and the leads are constantly having to make difficult decisions on what is the best way to do things. And they shouldn’t have to waste their time justifying every little decision that may annoy someone. (Granted, I’m sure you don’t feel this was a little decision, but if you knew how many decisions go into a project like this, you might feel differently)

I think Bhante Sujato is very interested in hearing feedback. However when you say this…

It sounds like you are feeling entitled that your specific needs are met eventually. So that’s why it feels to me like you are crossing a line.

But I won’t comment any more since I’m not the one making decisions, merely someone who feels gratitude for the people who have to make them. This, BTW is a common issue on open source projects. People simply can’t understand why the volunteers doing the work won’t accommodate their specific and persistent request.

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This type of issue is very useful when the discussants are volunteer coders.

But among consumers like ourselves it’s just a time waster. Websites, like the rest of samsara, are subject to change.


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For what it’s worth, I don’t think the OP was being particularly rude here, though…

This^ could have been worded a lot better.

Dear @ORsEnTURVi ,

Unless you’re an experienced coder or designer (and even then!) it’s typically better to communicate your experiences and needs than to dictate specific features.

It sounds to me like your “user story” is that you’d like to be able to quickly read a word-by-word gloss of the Pāli, is that right? And so: having to click on each word one at a time is a bit slow for fluent reading, and hence your request. Am I inferring your use-case correctly?

I don’t have a laptop handy at the moment: does tabbing through the page work to focus each Pali word one at a time when Pali lookup is enabled?

That may solve this person’s need AND be an accessibility win: Accessibility (ideally) means not relying on a pointing device for hover OR for clicks, and tabbing word-by-word may be fast enough for fluent reading. Just a thought :grin::pray:

Isn’t that the definition of Accessibility: making reasonable accommodations for people with “specific needs”?:pray:

No, actually I don’t think it is! At least not accessibility with a capital a. The OP absolutely has access to the information they need. But maybe I’m misunderstanding. They just have to click the mouse to get it. And it isn’t that they have a problem that prevents them from clicking, which is a real issue for some people. It’s that they don’t think they should have to click since they didn’t have to click before.

To say that accessibility just means everyone gets what they “need” diminishes the real barriers that some people have to accessing information. Otherwise the term becomes meaningless. And the line between need and want becomes muddled. I mean, I could say that I need someone to massage my feet while I read the suttas, but that doesn’t mean the website is not accessible to me. :rofl:

As far as tabbing, it appears that tabbing moves you through each of the segment ids, which I didn’t realize before. After clicking on a word and getting the dictionary panel at the bottom, neither tabbing nor the arrow keys moves you through the words of the suttas. But when you click on the info icon, there are instructions that say Alt n takes you to the next word and Alt b takes you to the previous one. And that if those don’t work it gives a link to a wikipedia article listing all the accessability keys for other browsers. On Firefox, it’s Ctrl + Alt, but that is broken for me since i have one of those doing something else already.

Although the dictionary feature as a whole may not be Accessible (with a capital a :grin:) since I don’t know if there is a keyboard action that lets you select a word. Maybe there is. As well, using the keyboard to move through the words doesn’t change the text displaying on the screen (at least for me) so it’s possible to move through the words enough that the words you are defining are not on the screen.

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And in fully-automated, luxury Communism you would have your robot masseuse too! :laughing:

Thanks for the report! That’s about what I thought.

So, perhaps a bit of investment into making the word lookup work with just a keyboard could make the site more Accessible and address this user’s need?

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I’m puzzled by why you find this tiring?

Perhaps you are afflicted with severe arthritis? But probably not, since you are able to type? Or are you dictating?

If you are disabled in any way, please forgive our lack of compassion. If you’re not disabled, perhaps you could welcome this disruption as an opportunity to observe how the mind works in relation to the disruption of familiar habits.

Anyway, I already found a solution so that I can have exactly what I originally wished for. Therefore, please just ignore my request.

I understand fully that looking for a solution for mundane matter is suffering. I did it only because I think maybe some other people may be beneficial from such feature. I myself can just use an auto-click and pass my day with it.

Now, I understand also that, communicating with other people in a way that people do not misjudge my intention is also suffering (or more accurate: tiresome). Please take this statement as my own personal realization without any other meaning toward any person. :pray:

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