Benefits for family

I think an interesting topic to discuss is:
Why it is beneficial for all family if son has gone forth and trying to purify his mind as well as share with people who ask his understanding of Dhamma?
Assume that the family is not a Buddhist and do not see benefit in it in traditional sense and appreciate only logical and material benefits.


One perspective can be:
Even if they not a Buddhist and not pay much attention to the Dhamma what one may share, just this idea that “our son live simple and moral life” will benefit them. Just this example may inspire them to be better in morality and satisfy with less.


Financial benefit? The parents don’t need to worry about the son securing housing or food etc.

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Steady job, monasticism, easy enough to keep, good traditional occupation too, people have been doing it for thousands of year

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Also admired and revered by the community of worshipers, respected, like a priest by the parishioners.


I see @josephzizys has read the Sammanaphala Sutta! :laughing:

For most parents, seeing their son (or daughter!) getting happier and more well adjusted over time is enough to earn their admiration for the tradition. (Assuming your holy life really is having that effect on you! :joy:)