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Dear friends in the Dhamma!

For the last year, as I’ve been studying Buddhism more thoroughly, I have been compiling all the publicly available resources (public domain and copyleft books, talks, courses, etc) I could find and organizing them into a gradual course of study for myself. This project will never be a complete education in Buddhism nor a catalogue. However, I feel that my carefully curated collection may be of some use for other students, as it has been for me.

Therefore, to celebrate my recent ordination I am pleased to open up my Google Drive library to you, the SuttaCentral community. Anyone may access (and share!) my library (in part or in whole) via this link:

I hope you find it useful!

Of course any feedback is welcome, and you may expect it to update occasionally as I continue my studies.

Best wishes from Thailand,
@Khemarato.bhikkhu (formerly known as AlexM)

[BGL] Six New, Free, Self-paced, Online "Courses" in Buddhism

Congratulations, and many thanks for the sharing. :pray:


Excellent. Thank you


So! Since it’s been exactly one month since I posted this, I thought I would give y’all an update. In the last month, I have:

v1.1 Change Log



Many Congratulations!

Thankyou so much!
The recordings of the lectures are a rare treat :slight_smile:


Long-life, bhante.

If you want some more ‘eclectic’ things for your library, here are some fascinating study notes on Sarvāstivāda Abhidharma, if you find yourself so interested. The context of these notes are the fruits of a study project by someone who I only know of over the internet as a “Korin” screen name and who I don’t believe I’ve ever met. This study was undertaken by that individual in 2010-2012 it seems. There is Mahāyānika material also interspersed occasionally but I don’t think you’ll have any trouble recognizing the material when you come to it, it is generally comparative material (i.e. “In the Mahāyāna, […]”) so it tends to stand out. The sattvaloka chart is an example of this, where it refers the reader to the Buddhāvataṁsakasūtra for information concerning differences in cosmology at the level of the Pure Abodes.

Also, if you do not have access currently to the translation of de La Vallée-Poussin, Korin also compiled what seems to be a summation of Abhidharmakośakārikā & bhāṣya of Ven Vasubandhu with English substantially based on the Pruden translation which was supplied to Korin via Ven Huifeng. Lastly there are also supplementary materials.


Thanks for the materials, @Coemgenu. It may be a long time indeed before I get around to studying non-Theravada Abhidharma! But nice to know this exists! :slight_smile:



Librarian’s Notes

Quite a lot of material has been added over the last few months, so I thought I’d share a list of what’s been added: I hope something helpful for you!

As ever, if there’s material you think is missing, or if you have any other feedback on how the library might be more useful to you, please drop me a line!

I have also added a short introduction to the library with a (partial) list of my sources, in case that’s of interest.

With that, here are this version’s new additions:


And, to the existing folders:

Individual Items

Academic Papers

On The Jatakas

Special Bonus

Dhamma Talks

Transcribed Talks

Recorded Talks



And with that, I hope everyone had a wonderful Rains! :smile:

Uposatha Vows in the Suttas and Deepening Lay Practice


Librarian’s Notes

It seems that the huge update last time overwhelmed people, so this month I am just highlighting the most exciting arrivals:

Academic Papers


Dhamma Talks


[BGL] Six New, Free, Self-paced, Online "Courses" in Buddhism

I am grateful for this gift. :pray: