Bhadraka sutta left out meaning
Today in samyutta smunday I was reading this sutta with ayya sudhamma and ven pasannā among others
Pointed out to me was the lack of translation of a particular portion of the sutta

“Ciravāsissa me, bhante, kumārassa vadhena vā bandhena vā jāniyā vā garahāya vā jīvitassapi siyā aññathattaṁ, kiṁ pana me nuppajjissanti sokaparidevadukkhadomanassupāyāsā”ti.

This appears to be absent from the translation. Ven pasannā renders it ‘My mind and life would be altered’. bhikkhu bodhi has ‘even my life would be upset’
This is more similar to mn 87 as well

Was this an oversight


also wanted to say i think this sutta should have been translated as the conch trumpet/conch trumpet blower. SuttaCentral
i think this simile has more depth than a simple horn blower

It seems to me that this part is referring to the life of Ciravāsi - the son of Bhadraka. The way you translated, it looks like it refers to the life of Bhadraka that changes.

Thanks for pointing this out. Perhaps the omission came with abbreviation; I too missed it in my translation. Jīvitassapi siyā aññathattaṁ seems to be what got lost in the process.

I think it says something like this:

If all these things (listed in the previous segment) would be done to Ciravāsi, my life would be altered (or perhaps “turned upside down”, or similar). How could that not cause me sorrow, lamentation, pain, sadness, and distress?

And again a few segments further down with ciravāsimātar.