Bhante Sujato & Ajahn Brahmali: Dependent Origination series in Sydney

This is an amazing opportunity for Sydney folks to hear from Bhante @sujato and Ajahn @Brahmali, teaching this important subject together. Two of the world’s leading specialists in early Buddhist texts in the one room :star_struck::star_struck:

Take time off work, people, or just quit your jobs! This is your opportunity for escape. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s a message from @Deepika who has organised Ajahn’s visit to Sydney. There’s a few other activities and events happening whilst Ajahn is in town. Stay tuned.

Looking forward to seeing you at this series!

Dependent Origination and Meditation retreat with Ajahn Brahmali and Bhante Sujato: June 2021
Rejecting Venerable Ānanda’s claim to easily understand dependent origination, the Buddha presents a complex and demanding analysis, revealing hidden nuances and implications of this central teaching.

Venerable Ananda: “It’s incredible, sir, it’s amazing, in that this dependent origination is deep and appears deep, yet to me it seems as plain as can be.”

The Buddha: “Don’t say that, Ānanda, don’t say that!
This dependent origination is deep and appears deep. It is because of not understanding and not penetrating this teaching that this population has become tangled like string, knotted like a ball of thread, and matted like rushes and reeds, and it doesn’t escape the places of loss, the bad places, the underworld, transmigration. (Mahānidānasutta DN 15)

Dependent origination is a key doctrine shared by all schools of Buddhism.
Don’t miss this course presented by two acclaimed teachers in the Theravada tradition.

This is an in-person event to be held in Sydney.
Recorded content will be available online at a later date.
Registration required.
If you have already filled out the registration form please do not register again.
For more information and registration use the link below.

Registration Link


YAY! Except I don’t live in Sydney. Are there plans to livestream or make recordings available later?


Can’t see anything about a livestream, but it does say that


Is there any reading material to go with the course.
How to get to know about these courses beforehand so that we can register in time.

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The live event was announced at the top of this thread, ahead of time for those who live in Sydney, kalyanmitta. And the recordings have just been introduced here for the rest of us.

@Deepika were there any reading materials?


Thanks Gillian and Deepika🙏


Yes, we shared it with the registered participants in advance.
It was only a recommendation and was loosely coupled with the program.
Now that the program is over and the content is online it is best to watch the videos rather than the reading list.