DO series now online

DO series will premier on Dhammanet on Sundays starting from today.
This series consists of 10 videos.
See link below.



Thanks for getting this done, Deepika! :pray:


Anjali Bhante @sujato and Ajahn @Brahmali

Thank you so much for the in depth teachings.
I finished listening to the whole course yesterday.
It was very helpful, especially the explanation of each causal factor.

Thanks to everyone who made the teachings available online. Taking it week by week helped with absorbing the information.

With much appreciation and metta,
Suvijjana Bhikkhuni


Greetings Bhante Sujato! I am enjoying the DO lectures you conducted recently with Bhante Bramali. Regarding the six animals and the crocodile, I’d like to propose the reason why the crocodile might be apt for hearing is that one of the sounds that it makes is a hissing sound like suss…suss…suss, often when coming and going from the water or in the water. Related to this and as you say “susūsati” in Pali is hearing, this word sounds like the crocodile’s suss…suss sound…listen at 24 seconds into the clip…Crocodile Sounds and Pictures for Teaching ~ Learn the Sound a Crocodile Makes - YouTube. Blessing and Appreciation!


Oh wow, that’s really interesting, thanks! I hadn’t even thought of that, but yes, animal names in Pali can sometimes be onomatopoeic; crow is kāka, for example.

That crocodile does sound creepy. The sss – sss sounds like it is ssslipping through the ssstream sssneaking up on you …

Meanwhile, here’s a bear enjoying the view.