Bhante Sujato's teaching tour 2019–2020

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Southern California

Northern California

New York

Buddhist Insights



  • Nov 16-17th, 9:30am–4:30pm (AppleTree, Dublin): Non-residential weekend retreat “Climate change and gender issues: Buddhism in the modern world”
  • Nov 18th, 7-9pm (PSI Grantham House, Dublin) Evening Public Talk: “SuttaCentral and the Early Buddhist Texts, their translations and parallels”





  • Dec 20 (Fri): evening talk at Ehipassiko Antwerp
  • Dec 21 (Sat): meditation day at Ehipassiko Antwerp
  • Dec 29–Jan 8 (Sun—Wed): retreat at Yeunten Ling, Huy


Please contact the respective groups for further details.


Thanks so much to Sabbamitta and all who have made this possible! :pray:


I see you’ll be in LA, Bhante; I’ll make reservations to attend.



Some edits have been made to the programs in the US, for those who are interested.


@sujato Great to see you in Europe!

Any chance of a Denmark visit, at some point? Is there anything I could do to help facilitate that? Not much Theravada stuff going on here :slight_smile:


Oh man, as soon as move away from Cali Sujato comes to visit. Oh well, maybe some other time.


This is so cool and I’m so jealous! I might try to come to Germany in December depending on how things go. I guess I could also hop over to Ireland…

Do we know if this one is residential? Presumably not.


No, it’s not residential. The BGH is having a really nice center, it’s a house with the center in the ground floor, the first story is rented to private parties, and in the top story there is room for monastics to stay. But they don’t have accommodation for retreat participants.

If you are interested I can ask the people there to help you find accommodation close by. Would be delighted to meet you in person on that occasion!


All places in Poland (my country) were taken already at first day of registration, but I’m going to Slovakia and already registered, so see you there :smiley:

Thank you Bhante for doing this tour <3


Thank you so much for this offer, Ven! I’m not quite sure if I can attend yet, but as soon as I do I’ll definitely let you know.

It would be wonderful to meet you as well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Updated program in Northern California.


Ive checked the schedule. Slovakia section is correct. Two questions:

  1. Is there any particular topic for the Bratislava talk? Or may they ask for some specific topic? We would need a name and 2-3 sentences to describe the topic to promote the talk.
  2. Just to make no mistakes. The Train ticket to Poland is to which town, city? And shell I buy it for 1st, 2nd or 3rd December. I see it for 2. December. We have no problem to host Bhante for an extra day, he could have some rest after the retreat, plus 1.12. is Sunday, so maybe better connection is on Monday.


Thank you for checking, this is good to know.

Let me reply to your questions in our organization thread.


Just wondering out loud … Has there been any attempt to make this tour carbon neutral? I’m guessing that @sujato isn’t traveling on a Thunberg style zero carbon yacht. :wink:


Well, Bhante is using flights for long distances, and I wouldn’t know how to organize it otherwise. All the groups who are contributing to the program have limited budgets, and I guess that would not cover such a zero carbon yacht.

But within Europe Bhante is traveling by train from one country to the other, and this has been his explicit wish.



I’m wondering if there is anyone here who could calculate the carbon cost and then there could possibly be a way for the richer delegates to offset the cost of Bhante?

And also I wonder if there is a way for individuals to calculate their own carbon cost for the tour and offset their own footprint?

Again, I’m just thinking out loud. I know next to nothing about how these things are done.


:rofl: And so do I. I know the rough guidelines, like train is better than flight or so, but how to calculate it I have no idea. If anyone here would like to do this they are most welcome!


This may help.

I think that from a wholistic perspective when respected masters travel to where audiences are it is likely to have a negative footprint.

This is for if otherwise, dozens of those these disciples masters visit would be in position to fly across the planet to see and learn from them.

I understand this may be one of the drivers behind ajahn @brahmali euro tours.

In the big picture, one monk crossing the planet on a big plane to lead a couple of retreats and give some lectures in the Old World saves the environment from, I would say, 5-10 of the most affluent European disciples having to fly to Australia to crowd even more the already so disputed retreat facilities of Jhana Grove!


I would be happy to host any reliable information, calculating algorithms and ways to offset on the wisdom and wonders website if necessary.

I’ve heard that planting trees is a good way to offset emissions, that should appeal rather nicely to forest mendicant supporters :slight_smile:


My primary interest is in spiritual practice, and my interest in the Agama Suttas stems from this: they describe a spiritual practice that I find inspiring, practical, and profound. I have tried, to my limited best, to live up to the ideals taught in that literature, and have invariably found that, when problems arise, they are due to my own inadequacies, not those of the teachings. I have also had close contact with a number of human beings whose inner radiance testified to the power of the Dhamma when lived to its fullest. Since this tradition that I belong to claims to stem from a genuine historical individual called the Buddha, it seems reasonable to see what truth there might be to this claim.

How Insight Worsted Tranquillity in the Satipatthana Sutta
Bhikkhu Sujato