Bhante Sujato's teaching tour 2019–2020

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I wish you could visit Barcelona… Unfortunately we do not have any Theravada Monastery /Sangha here… Yet😉!


"I would be happy to host… " Bhante Sujato for a tour in Barcelona :pray: :wheel_of_dharma: :rofl:


Maybe next time?


Maybe my friend :clap:t2:


If you’re/someone is concerned about carbon foodprint, I think it is wise to direct attention to the topic of veganism, because meat/dairy “industry” (more like concentration camps) is most responsible for high carbon as well as other ecological disasters.

Unless that is addressed, other issues relating to this subject are nuances, because they’re millions of “industry” (enslaved) animals, as well as meat eaters.

Ajahn Sujato is the only theravadin monk I know of that speaks openly about importance of veganism. So I suppose his influence does much more good for carbon levels (and other very importaint things) than one flight will take.

With metta :pray:


Thanks to that, and thanks to everyone for raising this topic. In brief, no my trip is not carbon-neutral, and yes, I feel guilty about it. It is, as noted above, beter than having bunches of students flying all over the world, but still.

We’ll have to see, maybe this will be my last trip. Until I learn to sail.


Please don’t feel guilty about this Bhante and please don’t consider this to be the last trip! :slight_smile: Your coming to us to teach is one of greatest blessings that I can imagine :anjal: :heart:

People are doing much worse not ecological things on daily basis, usually for not noble reasons at all. Besides, that flight and that train would go even without you on board, so you’re doing absolutely nothing wrong there.

The presence of one Venerable Bihkkhu on board who is going to teach the most Noble Dhamma in places where such teachings are very rare is really not a bad thing, quite the opposite :wink:

I’m sure your tour Venerable Sir shall be a great merit for the world :anjal: :slight_smile:

Seriously, I’m so glad I will finally be able to attend a retreat with a teacher of your level Venerable. :pray: I for example very very need that, because I have no one here to discuss the levels of practice that I am at right now, so your retreat is a great opportunity for me and for much other people surely aswell.

So thank you for coming and know that me and my friends are counting days for retreat with you :wink: :anjal: And we hope it won’t be last one ! :slight_smile: :dharmawheel:


That’s a great idea. Often when we organise these tours we ask people to bring along vegetarian food to share. Let’s encourage people to bring vegan food rather than vegetarian along if they can. And also maybe ask people to consider using reusable containers rather than disposable plastic too.

I’m very encouraged and inspired by the younger generation and the surge in respect for the environment that they have got going at the moment. I’ve helped organise monastic tours in the past, but the environment is not really something that I’ve considered before. I’d love to help make all Buddhist monastic tours give a net positive effect to the environment. That way @sujato and other mendicants can feel positive about their travel arrangements rather than guilty. But it’s up to us lay Buddhists to make that all happen and help heal the planet.


When talking about food. We cook vegetarian food in our meditation centre, but if Bhante would prefer vegan, we can try to do it vegan. We always have some yogis who prefer vegan, so we try to do a meal for them, but are finding out that cooking everything vegan is simpler, because we do not have to cook 2 meals. It just depends on the cook and we cooperate with 2-3 cooks and each one of them have slightly different approach to this issue.


Say it isn’t so Bhante @sujato.:slight_smile: If what the Buddha teaches is true, which I think most of us agree it is, then the net benefit of you sharing the dhamma with others on a teaching tour crushes the relatively small carbon cost. It doesn’t even seem like a comparison can be made.

For example, if your teachings of the dhamma help one person be a little kinder and wiser, that will have a ripple effect that will positively affect everyone in their sphere, who will then positively impact those in their sphere radiating benefits also to the earth. I’ve seen this first hand in my life, my family, those around me, and the earth, as I continue to move from darkness to light, thanks in large part to members of the Sangha like you, Bhante.

Plus, the opportunity you will provide others to make merit by supporting you during your travels, Bhante, seems also to have incalculable value.

Disclosure: I have a vested interest in seeing Bhante Sujato carry out this and future tours, as I am enrolled on the wait list for his 5 day retreat in New York at Buddhist Insights:-)


More updates added for program in New York. :pray:


Registration has been opened for this event:

(See also in OP.)


Carbon offsets are cheap. A quick estimate is that the carbon from his flights would only cost someone about $50 to offset


Thus have I heard, the cause of suffering is greenhouse gas emissi-… wait no that’s not how it went :confused:

Anyway, maybe Canada one day! :maple_leaf:


I’m attending that retreat aswell :slight_smile: I’m surely going for vegan meals as I’ve wrote in a registration options.

If it is simpler I would consider that standard. Veganism is much more compassionate and enviromently friendly than vegetarianism.

To be honest, milk industry is probably more cruel than meat industry (which means extremely cruel) and cause as much enviromental problems.

If it is simpler, then I think it is great that you’re considering it, and as they say “you have my vote” :+1: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still, I’m very grateful for vegan options :slight_smile: :pray:

With metta and see you on the retreat :anjal:


Thanks everyone for your very kind responses!

Anyway, let’s get through this trip and we’ll think about the next.


Just wanted to say that if someone was thinking about coming but worried about accommodation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, we might be able (no guarantee though) to find a couple of people that could accommodate you in Dublin for free!
Just get in touch with me if you cannot come because of the price of accommodation in Dublin (PM me or send email to


In Ventura/Santa Barbara, requests for carpooling circulated prior to the event. There were people coming from further away, who had less options, but the visit of a scholar as Bhante is a rare event, very worth doing imo. I understand donations over expenses will be sent to support Bhante’s work, but I do not know the specifics. :slight_smile:


Hey Rose, it was so good to me you in person! :pray:


It was a great joy for me Bhante.
Wonderful talks, generous opportunities for questions, good meditation periods. For any wondering… go. Please, don’t deprive yourself of this opportunity for good Dhamma and Sangha!

sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!!! :anjal: