Bhante Sujato's teaching tour 2019–2020

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Thanks a lot for your Dhamma Dana, Bhante !
Greetings from Antwerp Ehipassiko Sangha


Greetings Heidi, and welcome to the SC forum :slightly_smiling_face:
Many thanks for the lovely pictures :smiley:

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Dear Heidi, thank you so much to you and all the Ehipassiko people for having us at Antwerp, and for showing us your beautiful hospitality.

Wie geeft wat hij heeft, is waard dat hij leeft.

I hope I got this right?


Yes, completely right :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for coming to Belgium, Bhante @sujato! :slightly_smiling_face: :blue_heart: And it’s hard to describe my appreciation for everyone who made this retreat possible, including @sabbamitta and Ven @Vimala. It was magical. :lightsaber: :anjal: :sparkling_heart:

(I’m the tall guy left of Bhante :grin:)


Thanks for posting the picture, @Robbie! You can find more pics of this awesome place—and the awesome people of the retreat—here. :smile:


Just as a nice aside: The place has a long standing history of spiritual practice. It goes back to a Christian Saint called Saint-Jean l’Agneau (St. John the lamb, because of his peaceful character) in the 7th century. He is said to have been a great meditator, and even the frogs respected his meditation and kept silent in order not to disturb him!

In the 1980s a Tibetan center has been established as one of the first in Europe. We felt very warmly welcomed by their organization!


Prachtig! :heart_eyes:


You have to learn how to type an “ä”! Prächtig! :wink: :heart_eyes: :pray:


Oh no! :see_no_evil: This is Dutch which I am very bad at!!! :-1:


:joy: My bad!

Also, just realized you were in the French-speaking part of Belgium, so…



No no, you’re completely right. My bad!


Thanks to the great efforts of @Teresia and @Aminah, the audios of the retreat talks of the New Year retreat in Huy are now available on YouTube:

Johannes Bronkhorst (2019): "What can we learn from Musīla and Nārada?"

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Thanks so much for everyone who made this possible!


Audios from all available sources above will be made available, hopefully soon :wink:


I have a folder of all the 25 mp3s totaling 749.8 MB. I think they can be put somewhere, at some point, but will have to see about the specifics.

For those at an “almost wetting their pants” level of keen there’s always youtube-dl via which the audios from the playlist can be extracted at a couple of different sizes.