Bhante Sujato's translation on Google Play Books


Now we have Bhante Sujato’s translation of 4 Nikayas in Google Play Book, which can be downloaded freely by Android users:

Long Discourses (DN):

Middle Discourses (MN):

Linked Discourses (SN):

Numbered Discourses (AN):

Verses of Senior Monks (Thag):

Verses of Senior Nuns (Thig):

You can also search the ebooks using keyword “sujato” or “suttacentral” on Google Play Books to find all these ebooks.

Enjoy :anjal:


Many Thanks for that @seniya :anjal:


The links don’t work in Sri Lanka. I get the message that the books are “not available in my country”.


Oops, I’m sorry, Google Play Books isn’t available in Sri Lanka yet:


:confused: :slightly_frowning_face:
Thanks for checking!


I have shortened the URLs so that the books can easily be shared. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Robbie - Can you also put up the SuttaCentral edition of “The Book of the Discipline”?


Do you mean publishing The Book of the Discipline on Google Play Book? If yes, sure I will make it available on Google Play Books too :wink:


Oh my bad! I got confused! Sorry @seniya! :smile::sweat_smile:

Yes that’s what I meant :slightly_smiling_face: