Bhikkhu Anālayo's e-learning course on the Nibbana sermons by Bhikkhu Katukurunde Ñāṇananda

“E-learning Course on Early Buddhism by Bhikkhu Anālayo
The Numata Center for Buddhist Studies in cooperation with the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies offers an e-learning course of Bhikkhu Anālayo on the Nibbana Sermons by K. Nyananda (1 to 11) during the summer semester of 2017. Participation is free of charge but requires online registration during the period mid February to end of March 2017.”
More information:

English translation of the the Nibbana sermons by Bhikkhu Katukurunde Ñāṇananda:


Thanks. That should be really interesting. Ven Analayo has mentioned visiting Ven Nanananda in some of his previous courses, but I don’t recall him saying anything specific about his ideas.

just some further information for those interested: Ven Anālayo knew Ven Ñāṇananda in Sri Lanka and is the one who transcribed the audio lectures and compiled the references for the footnotes. Ven Ñāṇananda translated the lectures into English himself.

Highly highly highly recommend Ñāṇananda’s work, in particular the Nibbāna Sermons!


Ven.katukurunde nanananda is one of the most renowned monks in Sri Lanka and his works on nibbana is fascinating


Registration for Ven Anālayo’s e-learning course is now open.


Thanks a lot @Linda for the latest update .!:anjal:


Since this series is on Sermons 1-11, would be it correct to assume that there will be two more series?

That’s quite a marathon…

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I’m having trouble finding any details - how does it work? It will be pre-recorded video to watch at any time, or some kind of live streaming? If the second, are there any hours mentioned anywhere?

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Yes, apparently the full set will be 3 years, one course each spring.

This year he will not give live lectures. Instead there will be a prerecorded lecture posted each week. As in previous years, there will be a discussion /Q & A forum. @tuvok, you can click on the ‘register’ link in the mail and they will send you a confirmation e-mail. The first lecture will be up on April 7 (see schedule following that) and at that point I believe the discussion forum will also be open.

Here is an interview BCBS did with him talking about the course.


hi everyone ! it’s 7th April, the introductory lecture is to be delivered today !


the introductory lecture and reading material has been uploaded and the online forum is now open for discussions!visit the BCBS website for more info.

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Thanks @sandundhanushka.

I just listened to the first class lecture, which was an introduction by Bhikkuṇī Dhammadinnā on the historical, scriptural and epistemological foundations of Ven Ñāṇananda’s ‘Nibbāna sermons’. I found it to be excellent. Ven Anālayo will begin his lectures covering the first 11 Nibbāna sermons on April 21 and continue each week with the course ending on July 7.

I think it’s still possible to sign up until registration closes on April 20. I’m very grateful to BCBS and the Univ of Hamburg for hosting & supporting this course, what a gift. And of course to Vens Anālayo & Dhammadinnā.


I am really enjoying this course. Fans of Ven Ñāṇananda often seem to me to focus on philosophical analysis. Perhaps they see him as a successor of Ven. Ñāṇavīra…

I have particularly appreciated how Ven Anālayo brings out the intimate connection of these lectures to the practice of the monks at the monastery they were living in at the time. This, of course, is obvious if you read between the lectures carefully, and examine Ven Ñāṇananda’s books on meditation on, but it was useful to have it emphasised.


The third and final series of talks by Bhikkhu Analayo, based on the late Venerable Ñāṇananda’s Nibbāna: The Mind Stilled, will begin on April 5.

You can register, and access the 2017 and 2018 lectures, here:

Registration is free, and allows you to participate in the discussion group.



If anyone is interested, I’ve compiled all the lectures into a Google Drive folder here


That’s great. Would you consider adding a folder with Bhikkhu Analyo’s annotated PDFs, with the alternative translations and parallels?

I really enjoyed this course, which made me examine the material much more closely than I had before.

I wonder what Bhikkhu Analayo will present next year…

If someone has already compiled those PDFs, and sends them over, I would happily add them.

Pdfs for parts 1 and 2 are already available here :wink:, I will add pdfs (with talks) for season 3 when they become available



I’ve added a subfolder with the annotated PDFs. :smile: