Bhikkhu Brahmali translations not appearing in pācittiya section

There are a number of texts in the Bhikkhu Vibhaṅga where English translations by Bhikkhu Brahmali are linked, but the page is blank when loaded. Examples:

(there are lots more, but my account is new and I can only post two links)

As far as I’ve seen it’s most of the texts in the pācittiya section translated by Bhikkhu Brahmali that are affected- I can see that the translations are in GitHub but they don’t seem to load on the website. Doesn’t seem to depend on the browser (tried with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), and nothing different shows up in the developer console.

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Here’s what I get on my Chrome console from: SuttaCentral

raven.min.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘1’ of null
at HTMLElement._markupVarNote (sc-simple-text.html:13)
at Array.from.forEach.item (sc-simple-text.html:10)
at Array.forEach ()
at HTMLElement._setTextualInformationVisible (sc-simple-text.html:10)
at HTMLElement._computeParagraphs (sc-simple-text.html:4)
at HTMLElement._updateView (sc-simple-text.html:4)
at Object.runObserverEffect [as fn] (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at runEffectsForProperty (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at runEffects (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement._propertiesChanged (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement._flushProperties (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement._flushProperties (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement.ready (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement.ready (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement.ready (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement.ready (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement.ready (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement.ready (sc-simple-text.html:4)
at HTMLElement._enableProperties (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at klass.__enableOrFlushClients (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at klass._readyClients (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at klass._flushClients (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at klass._propertiesChanged (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at klass._flushProperties (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at klass._flushProperties (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at klass.ready (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at klass._enableProperties (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at new TemplateInstanceBase (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at new MutableData (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at new klass (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at new klass (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement.__ensureInstance (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at HTMLElement.__render (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at Debouncer.__renderDebouncer.Polymer.Debouncer.debounce [as _callback] (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)
at MutationObserver.window.MutationObserver.observe.characterData (sc-drawer-layout.html:1)

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That seems to be the problem- at first I thought that same exception was also coming up on the pages that loaded successfully, but on closer inspection it seems to just be the missing pages that are throwing the TypeError

Yes, I can load some other pages without generating an error… Whatever it is… :sunglasses:

Thanks for the heads-up! I will have a look at this.

At some point, the plan is to move these translations to the same format as Bhante Sujato’s, so you will be able to see side-by-side view, etc. The files for these are ready but not yet implemented on the site. @blake is working on that.


I found the error and corrected it. It should be visible upon the next update, I think by the end of this week.


Hello all,
I 'm not able to access Ajahn Brahmali’s translations of the Pacittiyas from 51 on. A blank page is displayed in their places. Pacittiyas 1 to 50 display fine.
Thanks for looking into this … I prefer Ajahn Brahmali’s tranalations to the IB Horner ones.


Thanks @666tomanderson, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I’ll tag in someone from the admin side who may be able to help you with this

@sujato @sabbamitta (thanks for your assistance)

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Brahmali’s translations following Pacittiya 50 are in the process of being prepared, along with major revisions to the earlier sections. We’ll post an update when they are ready.


Venerable Sir, may I be a little annoying and ask if you have a deadline in mind when the complete translations will be available?

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You may indeed! There is no deadline, but the translation is complete and ven brahmali is actively revising it.