Bhikkhu Patimokkha - english pdf etc?

I was wondering if anyone could share with me a downloadable English translation of the Bhikkha Patimokkha, specifically Ajahn Brahmali’s translation. Thank you very much

Others may have a version, but SC’s version will be coming when Ven Brahmali’s updates and corrections to his Vinaya translation are all ready.


You can generate your own version using the book builder app:

The copy button copies html. But if you just select all the generated text from the web page and paste it into Libre Office, it does quite well. The Bhikkhu Vibhangha is 563 pages. You may not want to step down the sutta headings nor flatten the subheadings to classes. That should give you real headings in the pasted doc.

Of course the official version will be much more beautiful.

PS: This pulls from the latest version of the website data.


Thank you Bhante. I will keep a look out for it.