Bhikkhu Sujato's Nikāya translations: eBook with navigable menus

Bhikkhu Sujato’s Nikayā tanslations, given back to you with more user-friendly menus.
SN and AN in ePub and mobi. These files are identical to the ones hosted on SuttaCental, except for menu additions. Maybe someone will find it useful. Namaste. :pray: :pray: :pray:

–Sujato Nikayas with menus– (try the epub fist for testing. Mobi menus are not behaving as expected in Kindle app)

Update: Menus updated to show list numbers. Mobi files deleted.


You might find these helpful. There are a few more formats.

I agree that the menus in the auto generated epubs for AN and SN on the site are more or less unusable as ebooks.


This is the last upāyana for the month. Please find in my shared folder link above, an epub copy of AN with the menu fully in English, produced from the English names given to sections in Ven. Sujato’s text and structured simmular to SuttaCentral online menu.

–Bhikkhu Sujato AN & SN with menus–


Is there an ebook version of Bhante Sujato’s new translation of Snp available somewhere?


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