Bhikkhunis barred from paying respects

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“Whatever challenges lie ahead, we will still practise as bhikkhuni. Whatever resistance from the establishment, more women will choose to pursue a spiritual path as female monastics,” said Ven Dhammananda

“Nothing can stop it.”



I was glad to see that the Bangkok Post journalist that wrote the article, Ms. Ekachai, took a position that is positive toward the Bhikkhunis’ plight in Thailand. I am pleased to see this kind of journalism being practiced at the Bangkok Post, and this approach can be helpful to Dhammananda Bhikkhuni’s efforts.

But is this technical obstacle a camouflage for misogyny, an excuse for the patriarchal clergy to protect its power turf? The monks’ “how dare you act and dress like us” scolding of bhikkhuni sounds like…

The Buddha told monks to treat bhikkhuni kindly and helpfully as their “sisters”. Why is the clergy full of hate for female monks?


Sanitsuda is one of my heroes, one the really honest, heartfelt, and incisive writers and communicators in modern Thailand.


This is horrifying, really. It’s hard as non-Thais to appreciate the emotional importance of this act, and the jarring sense of dislocation that such exclusion causes. It’s tantamount to saying that they’re not real Thais.


This is really disappointing. This sort of behaviour shows that some Bhikkhus do not read the Suttas & do not educate the lay followers, properly or they simply want to protect their own material power bases. On the other hand one should not get overly dejected, this is the nature of this world. That is why the Lord Buddha gave us the Eight Worldly Dhammas! Yet, today, this world needs a few more true Buddha Putta, true Ariya Sangha like Ven Ajahn Brahmavamso Maha Thero who would truly go against the tide.


I agree, it’s appalling, but I suspect (in fact, I’m prtty sure) it’s not limited to the Thai Buddhist establishment

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