Blog reccomendations?

I am looking to find some good blogs to read, especially ones that focus on academic buddhist studies or the EBT’s, any recommendations?

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Well, obviously I recommend my own site :laughing:

You may want to check out the RSS Thread which contains a nice Wiki listing many you can follow.


Hi Joseph,

Like Ven. Khemarato, I am also inclined to humbly refer you to my own teachings blog. :laughing: It’s not large, but the content is inline with EBT and focuses on the practical application of the teachings. Perhaps you will find it of value to your practice and understandings.

Good luck on your search and if you find anything good, please share it with the rest of us! :pray:

With mettā

2 Likes has some really nice posts like this one:
The Lay Disciple | Theravadin

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Your site has lots of books in pdf form that are copyrighted.

Do you have the permission to distribute Romlia Thapar’s book freely?

Thank you @Khemarato.bhikkhu and everyone! I now have stuff to read! Hooray :slight_smile:

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Not sure. Just linking to another website that hosts it. In this case, the handful of leaves library.

Reproduction and distribution comes under copyright theft.