Bodhi words elided from SN 36.12

SuttaCentral! Thank you so much for this invaluable resource!

If I may, there’s a line missing from the Bhikkhu Bodhi translation of SN 36.12 at SuttaCentral . For the second to last stanza, you currently have three lines: “Does not neglect clear comprehension, / Then that wise man fully understands / Feelings in their entirety.” In my Kindle version of this text, prior to these three lines, there’s a first line: “But when a bhikkhu who is ardent”. Below, I’ve attempted to upload a screen capture of the second-to-last verse (not sure it’s happening :frowning: ). Thanks again for this amazing site! You’ve made the world so much wiser.



Thanks! I looked at the html and the line is clearly missing.

I have fixed with this PR: Update sn36.12.html by thesunshade · Pull Request #287 · suttacentral/sc-data · GitHub

Just as an FYI, typos can be posted to the first thread in the Feedback category. Also, for legacy texts like this we don’t usually make corrections unless it is an obvious glitch like you just found.

Thanks for the good eye!

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Fantastic! Thanks so much!

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