Book publications tease …

Soon. Very soon.


Love the color scheme! :heart_eyes: Bold choice having no Volume numbers


You know me, I’m all about bold choices. There are volume numbers, though, I just cropped them for the aesthetic. (By “aesthetic” I mean the proof copies were damaged in transit.)

I’ll post more fully later in the week, I hope.


So beautiful, Buddhist flag colours.

Thank you for separating the books e.g. in the MN. Very compact and useful for travel.


Thank you Bhante for the Excellent Work!



Amazing!! They look fantastic!!! Where can i buy them all?


Will there be a print-on-demand option for hard back copies for people who know they will be hanging onto them for many years?


Is there a place where these translations can be downloaded in eBook form?


Looks like I am going to need another bookshelf. I am sure my wife will be thrilled.


Currently here Sutta Pitaka e-books: epub, mobi, Kindle – Reading Faithfully but SuttaCentral is working on an official ebook thingo too.


Thanks for the link!

They’ll be ready on soon.

We are aiming to do a high-quality hardback edition at some point. This will be proper cloth-bound, smyth-sewn edition. However, on Lulu the hardcover editions are merely the paperback with hard covers glued on. In my experience this isn’t really worth it. If you know of anywhere that does good quality hardcovers, let me know.

All will be revealed!

Ha ha, maybe tell her it will look nice as a Zoom background?

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For what it is worth, I think the quality of the paper and ink are more important. I have several books in my book cases that have “old book smell” and are turning yellow. Some in hardback that I bought at a higher price. I am told that is the result of some chemical processes that you get with lower quality paper. By contrast I have a printed edition of “Wings To Awakening” that I got when it came out in the late 1990s. Metta Forest Monastery produced it. The paper is still white, doesn’t smell, looks like it did the day I got it a lifetime ago.

Something else to think about would be the quality of the ink, mostly dpi ( dots per inch ). Of course, many publishers try to save money on ink by reducing the dpi. That leads to the print contributing to eye strain and the print being harder to read for people with less than perfect eyes.

Regardless, I can’t thank you enough for making these translations. I literally use them every day.

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I agree. I have a few LuLu books which have not faired well to semi regular use. My Bhavana Vandana chanting book is only somewhat useable. The laminate on the cover is peeling and the toner is transferring to it’s facing page.

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Print on demand has inherent variability in quality, as they contract out to various printers and binders. If anyone knows a better option that Lulu, let me know.

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I was very happy with when I used them years ago, but sadly they’ve discontinued their hardcover service Still would be my recommendation for softcover though. My (softcover) chanting book printed through them has taken quite a bit of abuse!

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Thanks, I’ll check it out!

The only reason I use Lulu is because I’m used to it. But they do have a connection with other resellers, so if you publish there it’ll get on Amazon, etc. And also, they don’t require any lockin, so we’re free to do whatever else we want.


Marvellous news Bhante, looking forward to their publication :pray:


Marverllous indeed.

As being a monk we do love to see the secent of papers. But Still on the pdfs so far.
A big thank though.

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