Book suggestion?


Can anyone recommend a book grounded in Theravada that would be useful for a non-religious person who is suffering from loss or mistreatment? I’m thinking of something like Pema Chodron’s “When Things Fall Apart”, except grounded in the Pali tradition. There are some good books that cover the topic of suffering in our tradition, but they have too many doctrinal details and quotes to be of use to someone who hasn’t committed to any tradition yet. (And, if you have read Chodron’s book, what do you think of its use as a secular therapeutic tool?)

Old age, sickness and dying: how is it possible to accept and remove the fear

Buddhist Reflections on Death by Bhante G comes to mind…


@Khemarato.bhikkhu Thanks, it looks like a good book to help Buddhists deal with the pain of death. I’ve saved a copy.


I don’t know of one grounded in the Theravada suitable for general reading. … Hope I’m wrong tho.


There’s also Bhikkhu Analayo’s “Mindfully Facing Disease and Death


Venerable Analayo is a godsend… wait, a Buddhasend… wait, a universesend!