Bookmarks in SC

Hey there all, I’m not sure if this already exists or if someone else has suggested it before, but I’ve read so many suttas on suttacentral that I wanted to save so badly, and some of them I just copy the citation down into my own personal notes, but so many of them I just get fascinated and move onto another without remembering to stop what I’m doing and write something down!

I think it would be super helpful to everyone who has an account if they could either save or bookmark suttas that they read. Then on your suttacentral profile you could have a whole list of YOUR favourite suttas, not an anthology created by someone else. There are so many suttas that I’ve felt speak directly to me, as I’m sure many others have felt, and this feature would just be awesome and just makes sense. Honestly I was a bit surprised it wasn’t already there, but the fact that suttacentral exists at all gets rid of all doubts. So thank you to Bhante Sujato and everyone else who has helped make this a reality, you can’t imagine my debt of gratitude.



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Thank you very much. I see I could’ve found what I was looking for by typing a lot less! Lesson learned.