Suggestion for a 'create your own library' tab

Dear SuttaCentral
Would it be possible for a tab to be created to either add a discourse as a favorite or somehow add to a list on the discourse page that can be easily accessed again on this website.

It would be handy if this was linked to my member icon also to easily find what I have been reading when returning to the site or when writing or replying to topics discussed on the Discuss & Discover page.

Another question I would like to ask is could you also add a download function to the discourse pages.

Apologies if these already exist somewhere, but I can’t intuitively find any.

Kind regards


I agree, this would be a valuable feature, especially when using the PWA. Ideally this feature would use our DnD profiles, although I’m not sure if this is possible.


Personally I think this us something much better left to individuals to handle outside of the website. This is what bookmarks are for in your browser. Or note taking apps like Joplin.

Having user accounts would create a whole new overhead to the running of the site. It also creates data privacy issues, etc.

Of course if there were zero costs to doing something like this then sure.

As far as saving, the print output is really good and easily saves as a pdf on most browsers.


Indeed, then what is the point of this site because anyone can buy copies of the discourses in book format and just read them at home by themselves.
A user account is not required, if you click on your icon you will find features.
It would not cost anything because the site administrator just needs to add the feature to the discourse page and link it to the icon. As a meerkat cat would say “simples.”

If your data is being saved, it has to be saved somewhere. If it’s just saved in your browser’s cache, then it will be periodically erased. I’m guessing you wouldn’t like that. So it would then need to be saved on the SC servers.

If you have a simple solution then you could certainly write the code and make a pr. Or I guess hire a meerkat.

That has nothing to do with my point.

As I said, if there were no costs involved I think it would be grand. But I looked into it for a sutta site I maintain and found it would be more trouble than its worth. Especially since the easy solution is for people to create bookmarks in their browser or keep their own notes in whatever platform they like.

The two sites are completely separate. There might be a way that Discourse could authenticate.


I think the complexity here lies in the little innocuous word “just”.

This would include to “just” develop this feature, which “just” takes a lot of time and “just” requires website developers to be paid for the wok, and “just” keeps the SuttaCentral developer team busy with even more things, when they have already much more to do than their capacity allows … “just” this would be required.

Also, on top of this, the benefit is dubious, since there are browser extensions that handle the job quite well, which are there, ready for use, no further development work required. See for example here.


You can add it to your browser bookmarks, categorizable by folders and cross device, with usually Ctrl+D.

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Hmmm, I see negativity oozing, no code required because these feature links are called ‘widgets’

If the web creators know how to construct a webpage and use the web builder, it is a case of ‘just’ because these web page features are readily available.
I know because I recently built a website.

If spreading the dhamma and making it easier to interact and learn in an efficient manner is such a chore then maybe I’m missing something about the whole Buddhist concept of spreading that word.

However, it’s not a problem and I wish you well.

Yes, this has already been discussed many times before.

You can search for previous posts by clicking the :mag: icon at the top of the page.


Hi, thanks, I clicked and read some of the links and it seems the people talking about setting up the features don’t understand how this works. If users save a page, a discourse, they are not saving the discourse but instead are saving the Url to the page, meaning the page is not duplicated and taking up space.
But ‘hey ho’ no worries about that.
What about the download feature?

I am not too specialized in the field, but I think a “web builder” may be a ready-for-use website framework as for example offered by Wordpress or so. And it is true, such frameworks offer various widgets to install.

I used to work with Wordpress websites in the past (not as a developer, but as a manager), and we would use several widgets, however not the one you mention here.

SuttaCentral however does not use a web builder of any sort. It has much more specialized and complex needs than such web builders can cover. It has been created by the SuttaCentral programmers from scratch, so there are no ready-made widgets to implement.


Thanks, no worries I get the picture.

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That already exists. As I said, just print the page to PDF. You get a really nice document. If you need specific instructions on how to do that, please post the platform you are using (e.g. Windows) and the browser (e.g. Chrome) and maybe folks can give you specific instructions. Or you could just google it.

My favorite was the one where the person requesting the feature said they didn’t have time to write up a proper request but had expected the developers to have time to code the feature, lol.


Thanks for your time.

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