Feature suggestion for the future

I would almost guess that someone already has made such a suggestion in the past, but it would be incredibly helpful if in the future the suttacentral app would include some kind of bookmark function were we could bookmark our favorite suttas, or such as we are somewhat working on. Also thanks for all your efforts to all those who work on this great project.


You are guessing right, Venerable! Search for “bookmark” here on the forum, and you’ll find a lot of (older and newer) posts.

And perhaps the most definitive (and probably still valid) answer has been given here:

Sujato’s first commandment of website development:


So I think your request won’t have more luck than the previous ones … :person_shrugging:

Or perhaps the answer is still not that definitive after all? Further down in that thread I see:

It’s a commandment until someone provides a convincing argument otherwise. I’m listening! :ear:

So here’s your chance! :wink:


Thanks Ven for your request and Sabbamitta for your response.

There are a bunch of bookmark enhancers for browsers, maybe one of them will suit. This seems like a good one:

Personally I rely on browser history, and a plain text file if need be. :pray:

If you think there is a role for a bookmark, your are welcome to change my mind. Please note, I’m not so much interested in hearing, “this is what I want” (because everyone wants something different) and more interested in hearing a detailed proposal of how a bookmark feature would work, what the UI should be, how the data is sourced, and what its scope and limits are. An example of a bookmark feature on an existing website would be great.

(And please do bear in mind that we have far too few people for far too much work. We are right now building a feature that we first wanted to do ten years ago!)


Thank you Bhante for your response. I guess for thinking of something much more definite I also won’t have the time now. I recall before having had the Pintrest app for finding pictures for my website…there you had some kind of system for creating lists with pictures you’ve pinned. That is the only thing (and perhaps not the best one) that comes to my mind. Also I have seen before an app called Pocket, which was if I remember correctly about saving articles. But that one I actually have seen only over another one’s shoulder. But besides that, my browser (Samsung browser) offered to save your website as a kind of Web-app…which I have just started using now, but which does not include any browser functions at all…It’s an app in its own right. So if I would want to use the browser bookmark function, I wouldn’t be able to use it with the app. But I understand, first things first. Thanks anyhow for your incredible, great project, and all the efforts you do in your services for so many people.