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It’s secretly my hope that photos of cats will eventually take over the entire D&D site!


Tilorien Monastery: we continue building


No problem Venerable! That can be arranged. All you need to do is download and install Monica’s excellent Cat-DNS from here:

So you go to D&D and you get … cats! :heart_eyes_cat:
In fact, you can lookup any random keyword like “Brexit” and get … more cats! :cat::cat:


That is a very useful piece of software @Vimala. Please make it happen for me AND EVERYONE ELSE across D&D as I have no idea how to make it happen on my own and everyone needs more cats, so out of compassion for them…

Now that this thread has become all about cats taking over, even this post is not even off topic as cats are literally taking over. Yes? And so now I can also post this which is kinda Dhamma related but also…cat. :joy: (NB not a personal claim!!)


As this tread has derailed a bit in the direction of cats … here’s one of the view from our meditation hall, especially for @Nadine and @Akaliko.


More!! More!!!

Wait… that doesn’t sound very monk-ish does it? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But of course I mean more meditation.
More meditation halls.
More meditation halls with cats. Etc.

Unfortunately, Grumpy the Cat doesn’t agree!


But he is clearly not on the true correct path of joyful, blissful meditation…
Or of meditation halls…
And cats! Did I mention cats?


Two of my cats, Baby up top and Mouse down below, watching me as I read this thread about cats. They are very jealous kitties.


Beautiful!!! :heart_eyes_cat:

Oh dear what have we started?? Soooooo just trying to make a vague link to Dhamma here… ahem… They are clearly meditating. Yes. :rofl:


Ven … you need the Buddha Cats facebook group …!!! :cat:


:anjal: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Your architect designed that perfectly for napping in the sun meditation. The energy in a room really does change when a contented kitty is snoozing. :smiley:





Since cat’s have highjacked this thread: Here are two kitties to whom I would like merits shared for their kind willingness to let me enter monastic life. I was practically holding my breath when I made the call after a trial 10 day’s away retreat at Arrow River Hermitage to see if they had taken up well with the potential adopted human and she with them.

From recent Facebook post:

How amazing that it was Five Years Ago that I was looking for a good home for these lovely beings so I could enter monastic life. I remain grateful to the kind woman who adopted them and even renamed them with the perfect names of ‘Kanga’ and ‘Roo’. I am aware that Roo, formerly Lilleth, has since died (they were 15 when they were kindly adopted), but am not sure of Kanga’s, formerly Tasha, state. I think of them and their adopted benefactor and share the merits of this great opportunity to live the monastic life with all three of them. So, yes, I can say that the Buddhist monastic training is a good path for me, and that I am immensely grateful for the kindness of the adopter of the kitties and to the kitties as well for the goodness they brought into both my life and hers.

5 Years Ago - Facebook Memory

Niyyānikā Bhikkhunī

March 21, 2014 ·

Tasha and Lillith still need a home.
Preparations for going to Aranya Bodhi to see if Buddhist monastic training is a good path for me are progressing. However, I won’t be able to go if there is no home for the cats. Most of the furniture left the apartment today and the cats have been wandering around in all the space discovering all the toy mice that have been exposed. Tasha just took over my lap and, a human lap being a favorite place to be, is purring. Lilli is now on the cushion next to me offering to lick my lunch bowl clean. She is partial to curry. They are 15 and need a lap to lay on and mostly cat food, but maybe occasionally a taste of curry. If you know of someone who can give them love, laptime, and food please give them my contact information. With hope for their continued happiness, Michelle

No photo description available.

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Of course! Mouse is even seated on a meditation cushion beneath a tree!

Beautiful kitties! I’m sure it was hard to leave them. I will definitely dedicate merit and send metta their way!


It was hard to find a home for them that seemed right and then easy as it was so clear that renunciation was what was for the highest benefit in this life. The picture with them in front of the meditation cushion shows their common location on my knees when meditating. Much appreciation for sharing merits with them. They were most excellent Dhamma kitties.


Most certainly! :pray:

Hi kids! :grinning:


Thank you so much Venerable @Niyyanika for sharing your cat’s story and to @Timothy for sharing the pictures of your cats too.
But this thread has most definately derailed by now so I will split it off into another thread!


Ok. Fine split the thread. Now my original comment has no context and I look like a crazy cat person. :crying_cat_face: But good, now the cat takeover of D&D has begun! We will just await complete control.


Cat people are just like everyone else. Just like every other EBT enthusiast.
Also cat people…


Dear Dear Dear

Cats are lovely, but what can I say except for

Behold the noble, loyal, brave and selfless dog - always there with unconditional loving kindness

I currently don’t have access on this device to a picture of Sasha the Wonderdog meditating next to a Buddha Rupa… but soon :smile: and you will all be convinced :laughing::blush::sparkling_heart:


My cat, “Max” - thoroughly enjoying the five cords of sensual pleasure. He has gone “astray” from the path :frowning:


@Viveka this thread is about cats. Your post is clearly off topic. :pouting_cat: As a moderator, you should know better! Please correct this by posting about cute cats! :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

However, Sasha the wonder dog is pretty cute; those ears! :heart_eyes_cat: So we should make Sasha an honorary cat for the sake of this thread’s integrity! :cat:

Actually I’m also a dog person as well as a cat person and a bird person etc. I even like spidees. Metta to all! :heart: