Buddha 🐱 Beings

Interestingly, the Eurasian Coot is cosmopolitan, very common in wetlands in Sydney, such as Sydney Olympic Park and Centennial Park. The Northern Plover/Lapwing is from the same family (Charadriidae) as Masked Lapwing which is common in Sydney. That bird nests in most unlikely places, open grassy play fields. But is seems to thrive, thanks to very mindful rangers and local birders, who help protect its eggs and chicks, and the visitors as well. That bird has prehistoric claws in its wings and is very vigilant and can attack. I was attacked once at Sydney Olympic Park and that was enough to learn my lesson.

You might be interested in seeing White-bellied Sea Eagles nesting at Sydney Olympic Park (via 24 hr live-cam). They just about finished renovating their nest and will be laying 2 eggs soon. The nest is in the forest behind Birdlife Discovery Centre where I volunteer.


I always love seeing all the Buddha Beings in this thread :heart_eyes::hugs::heart_eyes:

Here’s Bahn Mi, a rather excited little beastie I met yesterday. This was the best photo I could get. :joy:

And here’s a more placid pup soaking up some of Bhante Sujato’s metta.

It’s easy to love animals when they are obedient and do what we say but it’s a better test of our metta when they are a bit naughty and have minds of their own, like Bahn Mi!


Cats at a Daoist temple (close enough). They know the comfort of the meditation cushion.


Frog and Pig really have this thing figured out.


This reminds I need to start the sculptures I’ve been planning to make for a while. I want to make the scene of the Buddha teaching the 5 ascetics, but everyone is animals.


Greetings on this Vesak 2021!

I think this might be a good time and place to share some happy news :slight_smile: May it bring some joy to your day :pray: :slight_smile:

There is a new little patch of earth that is dedicated to the harmlessness of all Beings, with the Karaniya Metta Sutta as guiding principle. It has been a long time coming, but is finally realised :slight_smile: LOL it’s official now, with the sign on the gate!

Khemavara Buddhist Sanctuary

Here is Bhante Sujatos translation :slight_smile:



Wonderful :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:!🥲

Great day for the official announcement as well :innocent:

May all beings who find sanctuary there share in your merit on their journey to ultimate happiness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rainbow:


Thank you :slight_smile: Yes the timing was just a ‘coincidence’ with a momentum of its own. I wondered whether to share or not, in such a public place, but seeing the posts here this morning, pushed it over the line. How could I not share with all of you, who love all creatures so much…

With much Metta :thaibuddha: :butterfly: :dharmawheel: :sparkling_heart:


Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

I see a long- held. Dream come to actuality.
I’m so very happy for you.
And for the animals that there is a refuge for them.



George the Blue Front Amazon (who is trying to learn chanting in Pali) and I wish to all of you a joyful and peaceful Vesak.


The best teacher you can have for patience! :laughing: image|231x500


Awww I love this! :parrot::pray:


Did someone post this here? I forget:



I hope Bhante that if you do not mind to come to Berowra you can meet my friends :slight_smile: there are lovely places for walks and meditation in nature here :slight_smile: :pray:


Khemavara Buddhist Sanctuary - a beautiful place and sign!
Can you please share with us some photos of animals and flowers? Thanks. :parrot: :honeybee: :cherry_blossom: :slightly_smiling_face:


Last night. A Brush tailed possum (i think) :slightly_smiling_face:


A neighbor down the street moved, abandoning a cat colony she’d been feeding for years. (At least 9 cats.)

[Edit: Keep reading for happy ending.]


I had noticed cats hanging around there looking forlorn and anxious during my walks for several days, but a car was parked there, so I was unsure. I called a former neighbor, a good friend of mine who knows this lady, and learned that she’s already in Florida. (The landlord had parked a car there to make the house less likely to be vandalized.)

After learning this, on my next walk I paused, looking at the cats sympathetically. There’s a new young couple in the adjacent house (which recently had been inhabited by a guy I used to give most of my leftovers to - lots of changes around here); I’ve often seen them new couple walking their dogs, and we wave. The husband approached me and we discussed the abandoned cats. Though he’s never had anything to do with cats, he too had been feeling concerned, and had put a bowl of water in his backyard for them. Aha!

I was soon back, loaded down with 2 bags of cat food. To my relief, the young fellow & his wife accepted the food, and pledged to take up feeding the group of worried, starving kitties.

Honestly I felt a little guilty at roping in innocents unaware of the depth of the long-term commitment they were taking on - the image came to mind of a drug pusher giving school kids free drugs to get them hooked! But hey - kitties.

He told me later that they looked very relieved the first time he gave them food.

[Minor edits for clarity]


The friend who gave me info, Myra, used to live across the street from there. She’s a cat rescuer, and had been very worried about the cats. (Myra said she got a bunch of them spayed or neutered in recent years, prior to moving out of Charlotte last year, and knows some of the cats by name.) She expressed anger at the lady who just abandoned them, though the lady did take some with her. They both had tried to find someone willing to feed the remaining cats, without success.

I, too, felt aggrieved at the woman who left the cats to starve, but decided to be gracious, and asked Myra to let her know that the cats are being cared for, in case worry for them had been weighing on her.


Introducing the Queen of our household … “Long Purr Puss Puss” pictured on her throne where she can survey the humans and wildlife in and around the reserve across the road. It’s her favourite spot. The photo captures one of the rare times she is awake during daylight hours. :smile_cat: