Buddha 🐱 Beings


Ah. Very wise. Not so in the UK unfortunately.

This guy (butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth) chased, caught, killed and unceremoniously dumped the neighbours cat in his toy basket after she mistakenly ventured into his back garden. It was an embarrassing conversation, but at least a friendship between neighbours grew out of this very inauspicious start.


I could live with that.



A common sight at my house: Dach-zens


:grin: Many rounds of applause for the photo and caption combo. :clap:


:heart: I love that this random thread has inspired so many wonderful responses, and it’s great to see posts from people who don’t usually post on D&D :cat:

Pets allow us to express deep love in ways we often can’t with humans, they are a perfect training ground for the development of our metta practice!

Our interactions with urban wildlife, too, can be beautiful source of feeling connected to nature. Here at Lokanta Vihara, we share a little of our food with the local birds, and it is such a simple, satisfying feeling that brings joy to my heart :grinning:


Please don’t overfeed them human food.

… Wildlife seldom stimulates unwholesome attachments. Pets don’t necessarily do so but unwholesome attachment to pets definitely occur, tho perhaps more often with dogs than cats :wink:. … I spare the community pictures of my grandchildren, despite this

Even as a mother protects with her life
Her child, her only child,
So with a boundless heart
Should one cherish all living beings;
Radiating kindness over the entire world:

I guess that the stronger an attachment is the bigger its potential for promoting good, but also the stronger its potential for promoting unskillful and unwholesome thoughts and actions. As a mother, I can reflect on that. :thinking:

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Around my house, the deer help themselves to the bird food! :laughing:!



In a Tibetan Buddhist store:

Translation left:

Always in the NOW
Your pet as zen-master
I have had many zenmasters,
All of them were cats.

Translation right:

Do and think like a cat
stressfree, quiet, enjoying life, charismatic, curious, independent


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While staying at Bodhinyana, one of these green perrots was so courageous to come on my knee and eat little bits of almonds from my hands:

IMG_20161011_130746 IMG_20161011_130756 IMG_20161011_130802 IMG_20161011_130806 IMG_20161011_130814


Kids loved feeding the ducks. Why do children relate to animals so much more than adults?


I often relate better to animals myself as it happens. :yum:


This photo was snapped by a friend of mine at an ordination ceremony over the weekend. The picture speaks for itself, except perhaps to say that it wasn’t the cat that was being ordained :laughing:




My favourite cat video, illustration the illusion of control :slight_smile: Enjoy!!

PS you can view the video without being a member of facebook


That is fabulous. I loved the actual calculations. It made me feel the tiniest bit bad for laughing, because you know the cat walked away like “I meant to do that”, but it was hilarious.


:joy: it’s like me trying to navigate life and the Buddhas path. Plan Plan Plan >Crash!-Duh! :rofl:


Doh! :grin:


With reference to the discussion in the thread ‘Life is Suffering, I realised while I was reading bedtime stories tonight that Grumpy Cat is without doubt a Buddhist: